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How do women link? 9 keys to understanding

How do women link? 9 keys to understanding

June 17, 2024

Attracting women who seduce you is not a gift, it is what nature dictates. And going against nature, has its consequences .

However, it is something that most "flirts" or seducers around the world have not yet heard. And it is that they apply the formula completely to the contrary.

Some people link ... and others, no

And yes, applying a "fast formula" -a shortcut- can bring short-term results. Doubtful results and little scope, really. But, like foam, like miracle diets, like pyramid investments and like a long etcetera, those results will vanish as quickly as they "emerged" .

Then - and just as surely as you have been a victim in some other field in your life - you will be the victim of the "rebound effect": Not only will you not have achieved anything solid, but, probably, the next time you have to try it new, it costs you even more.

The Pyramid of male attraction: what is it and what does it teach us?

eye! Do not interpret this as something "reactive" with the rest of the men who try to do what they "can do". Actually it saddens me to see that they have not understood anything. They have not understood that, like the food pyramid or the pyramid of Maslow's human needs, the pyramid of male attraction is posed totally the opposite .

In fact... Have you paid attention to the formulation of the opening sentence?

Instead of building it under the "masculine" perspective -which would be: trying to seduce the women who attract you most ... What is an active role-, we have adopted a female psychology . Something that, if you realize it, happens when, as a man, you score considerably.

Daniel Vecino - The hero's plan

The women who seduce you have seen something special in you

To make it very obvious, think of great male referents: artists, actors, athletes, successful entrepreneurs ...

Specifically, think of a famous singer. Far from having to make inhuman efforts or strategies so that some woman, sporadically, decides not to reject a sexual encounter with him, it happens that "curiously", he has the "obligation" to express his more "frusco" side -that is, vulnerability, imperfection, defects, to overcompensate all that exuberant value and thus, to project closeness, familiarity, humanity ... For this is the only way to get your presence down to a threshold where they-normal women-connect with him.

Hence, most of his lyrics "stupid" -without the intention of offending-. I mean that, you, as a man who grows every day to improve your current version, do not feel that you connect at all with that message that we would call "pink porn" .

Men who apply terribly wrong strategies

And that's why, when a simple mortal - who has not understood anything - tries to apply the lyrics of those songs, "die" in the attempt. What you most need, precisely, is what most exceeds those great successful men: "value". So, you must work on what you most want to learn to "show it off". Eye, show it, do not prove it . That is, you must do it subliminally and effectively.

But that is the subject of another article. Let's continue with what we have ...

How do you see seduction from the female perspective?

On this occasion, I want to show you how human courtship looks and feels through the eyes of a woman ... when she meets a man "in the heap" .

And this is a very important detail because the rules of the game are totally different.

In this way, I hope you begin to realize that you should become the kind of man who has stopped seducing - freeing yourself of all the negative charge that goes with your subconscious - to start attracting.

Now, make yourself comfortable and enjoy how you are seen -if you do not blink- from the most honest and profound perspective of a woman.

The human courtship - of the mediocre man - from the eyes of a woman

1. I will never take the initiative

And when I use the words "never" and "initiative", not only do I mean that I will never be the one to start the conversation, but - unless I am especially "sensitive" at those dates and need "march" - no I will advance in no time. If you want something, you'll have to work it out a lot , As much as I'm dying.

And wake up, there are many others interested and my patience has a limit ...

two.It's not that I do not know how to flirt, it's that you do not inspire me

Flirting, for an attractive woman like me, is not a challenge -Except the hit with the perfect man. Basically, because there is nothing that attracts men more than knowing how to exhibit your best attributes - and that has nothing to do with dressing as an "anybody".

On the other hand, it's a big problem, because with such a strategy, you're going to attract everything . Especially sluggish.

If you can not get away in the first few seconds and get my attention ... "next". I have no time to waste, there is much to "distill". Mediocrity abounds and contributes very little.

3. I am not false due to badness, I simply have other interests

It is very likely that what you are telling me does not interest me at all . How is it then that I have a big smile, I keep your eyes and I seem to listen with enthusiasm?

One thing is what you see and another thing that can hang around in my mind. Let's say that, inside, I have other plans.

I might want to put "nerves" -chaoso championship-another boy with whom I had something and now is disinterested. A conversation of the most "sensual" with you - apart from putting you to the test - could ignite the alarms in my "real" objective. Or, in the worst case, to prove to me that it was just a romp and that really did not interest him -margo, but better to know it as soon as possible to turn the page-. In which case, you could be in luck ... if you pass the millions of tests that await you .

I can also be less twisted and just look for some peace of mind. For this I prefer to "pretend" that I have chosen you to "try your luck" that night and, in fact, you are the one I trust the most that will not try anything. In this way, I remove all the moscones -inoffensive but very heavy- and those with whom I do not feel safe -because they could end up trying something I do not want to happen-. So, thanks for allowing me to be quiet, "teddy" .

4. I know how to differentiate perfectly between confidence and arrogance

Going "macho" and bragging about what you have or have achieved, does not show you as a man of integrity . In the league I perceive that you are trying to compensate for deficiencies.

Each time I have had the privilege of meeting a man with complete confidence, I have been amazed by the little need for validation that shows. Total disinterestedness - and so healthy - of trying to impress me and that attractive attitude of caring little about what I criticize about him because he feels comfortable with his congruence. Because it has solid foundations, a firm base ... it's a man you can feel firm, secure about - and to whom you can hand yourself blindfolded ... And I'm going to stop talking about such a man because I get "bad".

5. Your presence is the most important

Whereas for you, common man, the most important thing is "what you see" -and in your personal case, how you look-, for me, what I see is important, it is a minimum, but it is not enough .

To do this, you must be able to understand the difference between "appearance" and "presence."

As already well explained in the following video, I refer you to him.

6. I am very clear about what I do not want

And since what I want is not so clear, I better dedicate myself to what I am best at: discard .

Maybe I was wrong with you and you deserve a second chance. With all my respect, for me that is irrelevant because there are so many to choose from that, surely, I can use any other "worthwhile".

Also, if with a first rejection you give up, are you really worth it?

I'm afraid that, in that case, friend, you have "accepted" no. That's right, do not confuse persevering with being heavy.

If you want to go deeper in concepts like that, I recommend that you subscribe to free video course what's in the description of the video

7. I know, I'm your only option

And not precisely because I'm talking to a selective man who only allows access to "his heart" to "the chosen one" but because You have also failed with the previous ones .

In fact, when I meet a man who makes me feel like a winner, I automatically assume that I'm not the only one - regardless of whether it's true. And if I want to aspire to that privilege, I will have to show that I am much more than a pretty face and a body of heart attack.

8. Being so attractive can be a curse

It may be the envy of those who have not had the luck to be born with such sexy genes-or do not know how to take advantage or do not have the determination to do it to get the most out of their potential-, but the truth is that everything has its bad side .

Although it is true that I would not change for a worse version of myself -Not crazy! And yes, I continue to strive to improve myself every day-, a great power, carries a great responsibility. And a great responsibility in the wrong hands can be a real nightmare.

Do you know the "unpleasant" men that I find in my day to day and who try to get my attention in the most unfortunate ways? I am convinced that being a good aunt is not something we are all prepared for. That's why I understand that many do not even try.

And at first it may seem very nice, especially in youth, but as the novelty-feeling irresistible-becomes everyday and finally monotonous-the behavior of men is repeated every day as an endless pattern, Life becomes predictable and boring. To the point where you do not want to go out alone to get a break or you do not want to go anywhere and mix with everyone ... for your own sake.

This is why it is important to understand what effect you have on others and learn how to manage it properly . Something not easy, but necessary, if you want, not only to have mental health, but a full life - there are wonderful men waiting for you if you know how to manage "your power".

9. The more you attract me, the more I criticize you

This is something that has cost me a lot to understand, but it has been magical for my emotional and mental health.

Summing it up very, very much, as a woman, I am attracted to a self-confident man who does not need me . But that makes me feel very, very insecure. Therefore, I need to prove that I am important enough for him to be able to trust that he wants the best for me.

This leads to endless contradictions. Contradictions that are like fire and air: they can not exist without each other but they require balance . An excess of either can kill the other.

For example:

  • I need to know that I am special and unique to him . But if that's too obvious ... my libido drops. Knowing that there are other women interested and that could be potential threats, takes away some of that "security" and puts me on alert ... lighting the flame.
  • I love a self-sufficient man and he knows what he wants . If he is so determined that he does not need me at all, I feel that I am no longer so special. Therefore, you must know in what way I can help you to feel useful and valued - although it is much better if I am able to do it. On the contrary, you must know how to listen to my criticisms and differentiate between useful and "junk". Many times emotions win the battle and we criticize only out of spite. When a man accesses that "emotional blackmail" he loses quite a lot. However, if you stay firm and congruent with what you want, no matter how angry you show me, deep down I love that. That's why many discussions end with sex. Also, if I interpret that it is not only congruent with his ideal but he understands that I am this way out of spite and not because he considers me right, I understand that I am with a man with a superior emotional intelligence and there he does have me "crazy lost" , although my ego prevents me from showing it and can piss me off even more with any hint about it.

I hope I have helped you with a little bit of light and dissuaded you from walking the right path.

In conclusion

As you have seen, the way of seeing the world is completely different and, without that information, you not only play at a disadvantage but you are "out" .

On the other hand, the only way to release your irresistible appeal is by understanding the psychology behind it and learning to apply it to your personal case. And, you will agree with me that the most attractive experts are women.

So, tell me, what has surprised you about this feminine vision? Have you experienced a similar experience? Do you have something else to contribute? I wait for you in the debate, below, in the comments.

RSMSSB Women Supervisor Answer Key | Mahila supervisor Answer key (June 2024).

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