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How to know when someone does not love you, in 30 items

How to know when someone does not love you, in 30 items

April 28, 2024

Hard, yes. But necessary.

The sooner we realize what people around us do not love us, we can take action on the matter and decide what line of action we are going to carry out. It is difficult to love those who do not love us, and on many occasions to continue with this type of relationship leads to a loss of self-esteem that makes us start to love ourselves less and less. It is good to have the right tools to know how to identify these people.

Does he love me or does he not love me?

Here I leave some key points to be able to realize this. Obviously they are orientative, given that not all people act the same and sometimes some of these behaviors may be due to other factors .

But if reading these items we feel identified with the majority, what is real is that we are not in an equal or healthy relationship, and knowing it is the first step.

30 things you can notice when that person does not love you

1. You feel bad for asking him to spend some time with you . You feel as if you are begging.

2. It does not support you in your decisions . Rather they do not seem or matter: their attitude is one of indifference.

3. Do not rate your opinion . You feel as if your opinion is the only valid one. He never asks you in your opinion.

4. It is not usually when you need it . In your agenda there is only room for you when he or she wants it, without counting your needs.

5. It does not usually have details with you . A "I saw this and I remembered you", a goodnight message, something.

6. Do not pay attention to what you say . You feel that he is not listening to you or that he is not interested in what you are telling him, even if it is important to you.

7. You feel that it is above you . You have given him so much power that you do not feel to be at his height.

8. He does not want the best for you if he loses something . Put your needs before yours in most cases.

9. It does not make you feel good with your comments . It does not usually have positive and pleasant messages to you.

10. You feel that you are not yourself / or when you are with that person . You try to please him as much as you can even if you do things that you do not agree with.

11. You feel that you do not enjoy when you are by your side . This kind of thing can be noticed, even if we want to close our eyes.

12. It does not usually leave that person to contact you . When it does, you rejoice and you cling to it. Stand up and think. How many times have you done it? Who really loves you will do everything possible to know about you. If almost always you are the one who takes that step, your interest is not in the same point.

13. Your words do not match your actions . The stars can promise you, but then act in opposite ways. Important: a person speaks through their acts.

14. Do not count on you in important decisions . It gives the feeling that "goes by free".

15. When you disagree with something or there is some discussion , does not show interest in solving it and it is always you who ends up yielding even if you think you are right for fear of losing him.

16. It seems that he never has time for you and that everything else is more urgent .

17. It does not make you feel special . Doubts of everything, you feel small and insecure.

18. Not interested in how your day has gone . These types of details are important when assessing the other person's concern for our life.

19. Do not remember important things that you have said about yourself . Maybe he did not care at the time you told them, which shows a lack of interest.

20. Do not worry about whether you feel comfortable or not at your side .

21. You feel less love on their part than you think I could give you . The signs of affection are important and we must pay attention to how we feel in this regard.

22. When you are with him or her, it does not make you want more , but rather the opposite. This is very dangerous. When we decide to share our lives with someone, what is healthy is to feel stronger. And on many occasions, although we do not want to see it, if the person next to us does not want us, we begin to value ourselves less.

23. He does not tell you anything too personal . Your conversations become banal and when you want to deepen it diverts the subject.

24. You are more of the time bad than good . If we decide to have a relationship, it is to enrich our existence. When you impoverish it, you have to stop and think what is happening.

25. Does not respect when you need your space . If you want something, it does not matter if you are busy or it is not a good time.

26. When you ask him, it is not clear . Either they love you or they do not love you. Here there are no average terms.

27. You live with the hope that things change . As much as it hurts, enough. We can not be with someone hoping that in the future it will be different. Because it probably is not, and we're wasting time in the present.

28. Much of your environment tells you . Sometimes we can not see things objectively. If people who really love us warn us that the person next to us does not love us or at least not in the way we need, maybe they have some reason.

29. One day yes, one day no. Make plans that do not get to meet He calls you when he is interested but then if something comes up he sells you at the first exchange. We all have priorities, make sure you do not have the last place in your place.

30. You feel that he does not love you . This is where we invent a thousand arguments to justify their behavior. If you do not feel loved in a relationship, maybe it's because they do not love you. And if they love you, maybe it's not the way you need it.

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