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How to search a movie without knowing the name, in 8 keys

How to search a movie without knowing the name, in 8 keys

June 17, 2024

We all have passed that on occasion we are talking or looking for some concept, aspect, person or work of which suddenly we realize that we do not know the name. It is possible that we have it in the tip of the tongue but we do not remember. And it is possible that it is a work that we really want to see, or just remember. Maybe we'll go look for it.

But ... how to do it? How to search for a movie without knowing the name? Throughout this brief article we will try to visualize some ways or elements that we can use in order to carry out this search successfully.

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Ways to search for a movie without knowing the name

Finding a movie without knowing the name can be complicated, since the seventh art has generated a huge range of very diverse works of art. But not for that reason is impossible. The main strategy to use is to take full advantage of all the information we remember or know about the film in question, and with it take advantage of available resources to try to locate the one we want .

Although it is possible to resort to search engines and specialized programs, we can also simply search our usual search engine on the Internet or go to a film library or even to a friend. Among the different data that we can use to try to locate the film, the following stand out.

1. General argument

We may not remember the name of a movie, but most likely we do have an idea of ​​the plot of the film in question .

For example, we may be looking for a film that despite not knowing its name if we remember that it was a group of humans who got into the bodies of synthetic blue aliens to get in touch with the natives of that same species on a planet called Pandora. Or that in a gloomy castle located on the top of a hill that had an overly colorful village at its foot, lived a man who, instead of hands, has scissors.

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2. Gender, theme and setting

Also and linked to the above, another way to try to find a movie is taking into account the film genre of this (comedy, drama ... although sometimes it can be complicated to define some tapes in a concrete way), either the themes or the place and time in which the action occurred.

For example, it may be easier to remember that it is a musical set in France during the years before and after the beginning of the French Revolution that recalls the title of "Les Miserables".

3. Name of any of the main characters

Another way to identify or try to find a movie is to try to remember or rely on the search in the name of the main character, as long as it is recognized. Search engines value very much the proper names when filtering results of film works.

You may not remember the Braveheart movie, but it will probably be much easier to find it if you remember that it is based on William Wallace's character. You do not need to be a historical character to be recognizable: Scarlett O'Hara, Simba or Freddy Krueger can lead us to find the films of "Gone with the Wind", "The Lion King" or "Nightmare on Elm Street" .

4. Name of the director

While not everyone looks at the name of the directors of the films, names like Peter Jackson, Night Shyamalan, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro or Pedro Almodóvar are well known. Knowing who made the film makes it much easier to search , to the point of being able to rely on it to find the work.

5. Part of the name of the main actors and actresses

It is possible that in the face of finding a film of which we do not know the name it can be very useful to know who participates in it, especially with regard to the protagonists . If we know the name of the actor or actress in question we can look for the roles in which he has participated, among which we could find the film in question.

6. Have you won any prize?

This method is only useful if it happens that the film we are looking for is highly recognized and has been awarded or nominated for some kind of prize (either at the film level or at the level of one of the actors or actresses). If we know the specific prize or nomination and the gala in which it was delivered, it will be enough to look at the lists of nominees / winners until we find it.

This is especially simple if what we look at are great prizes , like the Oscars. Now, it is not necessary either that it be a positive recognition: remember that there are also prizes to the worst movies, like the Razzies.

7. Outgoing features and artistic style of the film

Another element that we can take into account is whether the film in question has any characteristic in regard to artistic style that is remarkable.

For example, although today almost all films are in color and with sound, if the one we are looking for is old or has been raised in a different way than usual, we may have to focus our search on black and white films or silent movies.

Likewise we may also be looking for an animated film, or that is structured as a puzzle instead of running in a linear way. Another aspect that we may remember if it is something outgoing is its duration (for example, there are films that last around four hours and others that almost do not arrive at the time).

8. Use an identifying phrase / line of dialogue

There are phrases and lines of dialogue unique and specific to specific films that can lead us to search for a movie despite not knowing what the movie we are looking for was called, and can serve as a reference when it comes to finding your name either by asking or searching it in databases or in large Internet search engines .

Examples of this are phrases and lines of dialogue such as "are you talking to me?", "My house ... phone", "Luke, I am your father" (although curiously this despite being remembered was never said of this mode) or "My name is Iñigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die ", which simply by searching on Google or other search engines takes us quickly to find the titles:" Taxi Driver "," E.T. "," Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back "or" The Princess Bride ". However, this last method can be really complicated if the phrase or line of dialogue is excessively generic, of colloquial or little known use.

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