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The 35 best sentences of Justice (famous quotes and aphorisms)

The 35 best sentences of Justice (famous quotes and aphorisms)

July 18, 2024

Justice is one of those ideals that since Ancient Greece has been studied and debated by any prestigious intellectual . Defined as "that moral principle that inclines to act and judge respecting the truth and giving each one what corresponds", Justice is, then, an inescapable principle that should govern our societies.

However, life is sometimes miles away from being fair and becomes a real injustice.

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Famous Justice Phrases

In today's article let's know the best sentences of Justice pronounced by great thinkers, writers and philosophers of history.

It will be useful to approach us from different perspectives to this philosophical ideal and to understand what we can do to make the world a little more equitable.

1. Where there is little justice it is a danger to be right. (Francisco de Quevedo)

The truth is at odds with an unfair environment.

2. It is difficult to do justice to who has offended us. (Simon Bolivar)

Sentence of justice of the military man and Venezuelan politician.

3. The gifts that come from justice are superior to those that originate in charity. (Khalil Gibran)

Equity, above vertical solidarity. It makes all the sense

4. If man fails to reconcile justice and freedom, he fails in everything. (Albert Camus)

The almost impossible balance between two rights that usually collide.

5. Justice, although limping, rarely stops reaching the criminal in his career. (Horacio)

Despite the slowness, justice usually ends up discovering the whole truth.

6. If justice exists, it must be for all; no one can be excluded, otherwise it would not be fair. (Paul Auster)

This statement invalidates any privilege of a monarchical type, for example.

7. People who do not get justice take it for themselves later or sooner. (Voltaire)

Nothing more dangerous than acting unfairly towards a minority.

8. There are laws, what is lacking is justice. (Ernesto Mallo)

Brutal reflection that puts in doubt that there is justice despite being in a state of law.

9. I am in favor of the truth, tell her who says it. I am in favor of justice, for or against whoever is. (Malcolm X)

Famous thought of the fighter for the rights of African-Americans.

10. Justice does not expect any reward. He accepts it for himself. And in the same way they are all virtues. (Cicero)

Great phrase of the orator and Latin politician.

11. The jury is composed of twelve people chosen to decide who has the best lawyer. (Robert Frost)

Ironic reflection on the arbitrariness of the judicial system of some states.

12. Do justice to someone and you will end up loving them. But if you're unfair to him, you'll end up hating him. (John Ruskin)

As you treat others, they will end up treating you.

13. Justice without mercy is cruelty. (Saint Thomas of Aquino)

Valuable reflection about humanity that must sustain justice.

14. Sad era ours! It is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice. (Albert Einstein)

The Jewish scientist talked like that about prejudices.

15. When you have to sentence, try to forget the litigants and remember only the cause. (Epictetus of Phrygia)

Being fair means focusing the focus on the cause, not on the parties involved.

16. When a man asks for justice, he wants to be found right. (Santiago Rusiñol)

Sentence of justice of the Catalan painter and writer.

17. He who does not want to live but among the just, live in the desert. (Seneca)

Or in a crystal jungle.

18. One thing is not just because it is law. It must be law because it is just. (Montesquieu)

A basic principle of the legal world.

19. If you practice equity, even if you die you will not perish. (Lao Tse)

Eastern philosophy brings us a moral reflection.

20. It is thought that what is just is the same, and it is so; but not for everyone, but for the equals. It is thought on the contrary that the just is the unequal, and it is so, but not for all, but for the unequal. (Aristotle)

On the difference between equity, egalitarianism and justice.

21. Better than the man who knows what is right is the man who loves the just. (Confucius)

It's not a theory: it's about moving on to practice.

22. Justice over force is impotence, force without justice is tyranny. (Blaise Pascal)

The balance between these two variables forges true justice.

23. The absolution of the guilty party is the conviction of the judge. (Publius Siro)

Great reflection on the justice of this Roman thinker.

24. More than civilization, justice is the need of the people. (Pietro Colletta)

The Italian historian speaks thus about equity in societies.

25The probability of losing in the fight should not dissuade us from supporting a cause that we believe is just. (Abraham Lincoln)

First of all, our conscience must be with those who suffer.

26. No loser has justice if he is judged by his victor. (Francisco de Quevedo)

The judge should always be impartial.

27. We gain justice more quickly if we do justice to the opposing party. (Mahatma Gandhi)

The pacifist leader had it crystal clear.

28. What we consider justice is, very often, an injustice committed in our favor. (Reveillere)

We are aware of injustices only when we are victims.

29. Four characteristics correspond to the judge: Listen politely, respond wisely, weigh prudently and decide impartially. (Socrates)

On the qualities of who should impart equity.

30. If you have the strength, we have the right. (Víctor Hugo)

On the only weapon of the weak.

31. Justice requires power, intelligence and will, and resembles the eagle. (Leonardo da Vinci)

Sentence of justice of the great Italian thinker and artist.

32. Justice will give you peace, and also jobs. (Ramón Llull)

Reflection that can leave us thinking for hours.

33. Justice is the queen of the republican virtues and with it equality and freedom are upheld. (Simon Bolivar)

On the basis of any society.

34. The justice of the bourgeois classes was again like a net that allowed the voracious sharks to escape, trapping only the small sardines. (Rosa Luxemburg)

Thought of one of the greatest representatives of social democracy.

35. To administer justice of truth and good faith, better than letters, good lineage must be taken. (Luis Cané)

In the end, everything depends on the will and conscience of each one.

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