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The 6 advantages of being an introvert

The 6 advantages of being an introvert

January 29, 2023

In societies of Western culture introversion is a personality trait that is usually undervalued. The striking and spectacular ways of interacting with others are valued, the ease of socializing with strangers and the ease of moving comfortably through groups in which several people converse with each other.

Against this background, introverted people lose out; it is more difficult for them to direct their attention to events that take place around them, and in general, places where there are many complex situations interacting with each other in real time, such as parties with many unknown people, may cause them some discomfort.

However, precisely this cultural bias makes the advantages of being an introvert be something to claim. At the end of the day, there is nothing rational in assuming that it is better to be extroverted than extroverted, and in many Asian countries, this last feature is viewed with bad eyes compared to the first.

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The advantages of being introverted

From the year 2011 the world day of the introverts (World Introvert Day) is celebrated: it falls the 2 of January. And the truth is that there are reasons to celebrate introversion, even though they often go unnoticed. Let's see what they are.

1. They reach new conclusions

Introverted people have a natural predisposition towards the act of reflecting. That means, among other things, that they have a greater capacity to, from the "raw data" that come from the environment, carry out in analysis the most sophisticated information that the rest and the result is that they are more likely to come up with new ideas, especially if they are complex.

For example, to write a novel is very advantageous to have the ability to organize ideas consistently, or even have the ability to stop to think when a new idea comes and we want to incorporate those we had before.

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2. They have the facility to fantasize

It never hurts to not settle for reality. Imagination can become the best playground, and those who are introverted they are very easy to imagine vividly , since they do not feel the need to direct their focus of attention towards the outside.

3. They do not make hasty decisions

As a general rule, extraverted people tend to see "opportunities" very often, since they value positively the simple fact of accepting certain doses of risk. In this way, the option of launching to try new things is attractive. The downside is that this bias towards risks can cause a situation in which the price to pay for these decisions will be high sooner or later.

Introverted people, on the other hand, they have it easier to decide based on rational criteria , which helps to guess right. They have more reasons to think twice before opting for one option or another.

4. Do not depend on external distractors

While extroverted people need to be constantly creating plans, introverts do not need to go through that, because whatever happens, they can always count on themselves. That's why, if your friends can not stay one day, staying home is not at all something that is seen as a problem .

In this sense, introverts are more independent, since they are capable of developing stimulating tasks without having to wait for their own interests to fit with the interests of others.

5. They have it easier to be disciplined

By their way of being, introverted people have a greater facility to focus on a task and not become distracted because of elements of the environment. This allows them to learn aspects related to the discipline, which it shows both in their results at work and in their learning .

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6. Enjoy a more developed inner world

Another advantage of being an introverted person is the ease when memorizing information of a textual nature.

In the West, reading is the habit par excellence of introverts, and through books and the Internet they have access to all kinds of information. Taking into account his predisposition to curiosity, caused by his tendency to respond to all kinds of "gaps" in his knowledge about the world, this means that they learn constantly in a self-taught way .

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