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The 6 best workshops and courses to overcome anxiety

The 6 best workshops and courses to overcome anxiety

September 20, 2022

Nowadays, the negative effects of anxiety are often discussed, even though this is a normal emotional response. In fact, we can all feel anxiety at some point in our lives, for example, before an exam.

Occasionally, but, we may feel pathological anxiety , like the one that appears when we suffer anxiety disorders or in the case of anticipatory anxiety.

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Better workshops and courses to overcome anxiety

Some psychology centers offer the possibility of attending workshops to overcome anxiety.

Below you will find a list with the best courses to manage anxiety and improve well-being and quality of life.

1. Online Anxiety Management Course (Rizaldos)

This course, designed and developed by the well-known psychologist Miguel Ángel Rizaldos, makes available to people the main tools to manage anxiety and its symptoms. In short, it is a learning program focused on the practical to know the keys that help us deal with times when anxiety stops being useful and becomes a problem .

All the contents are available for students download, and there is also the possibility to ask and answer questions by videoconference, chat sessions or by email.

In short, it is one of the courses to overcome anxiety more accessible and more applied to face demanding situations and improve our quality of life by transforming various habits . This learning process is designed so that it can be completed, at most, in a month.

  • To know more about this course, you can access the contact information of Miguel Ángel Rizaldos by clicking on this link.

2. Emotional management, personal growth and Mindfulness (Funge UVa)

In recent years, a philosophy that has proven to be very effective in reducing stress and anxiety, is Mindfulness or Mindfulness. This method allows us to better manage emotions, to live in the present moment with compassion towards oneself and others, to connect with oneself and to adopt a non-judgmental mentality that allows us to relate in a healthier way with our inner Self and the world around us.

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In Valladolid there is an excellent course on the management of emotions through Mindfulness, which is aimed at all those people who have an interest in improving their quality of life and well-being. Attendees learn to recognize their emotions and to manage and regulate them.

It has an extension of 18 hours, and is an eminently practical and experiential course, where the sessions are participatory and in them individual and group dynamics are carried out . In addition, students receive materials on the digital platform to work from home. This allows you to apply the resources learned in your daily life.

3. Emotional Intelligence Workshop (Mensalus Institute, Barcelona)

Emotional intelligence is a paradigm widely used in psychology for its benefits for the health and well-being of people. You can know these benefits in our article: "The 10 benefits of emotional intelligence." In fact, emotional intelligence is not only used in psychotherapy, but also in the field of sports, school or work.

One of the best emotional intelligence courses that can be taken to improve one's well-being is the Emotional Intelligence Workshop of the Mensalus Institute of Barcelona . Its purpose is that students know and deepen this practice so they can experiment and learn to regulate the different conflicts that may arise in their daily lives.

The training lasts 12 weeks, and has a practical and reflective orientation, which allows participants to acquire functional tools, exercises and techniques for the management of emotions in their day to day.

  • You can contact the Mensalus Institute by clicking here.

4. Course on Stress and Anxiety: Regain control (Nascia)

Anxiety and stress are intimately related, because anxiety is one of the most characteristic symptoms of stress. Therefore, many times, addressing this last problem also helps us reduce anxious symptoms.

If you want to learn how to manage these phenomena effectively, this course of Center of Psychology Nascia It will allow you to know different techniques to control stress and anxiety.It is a practical training, which delves into different useful tools for day to day, but also provides theoretical knowledge to acquire a more realistic view of the phenomenon.

During the academic period, the participants interact thanks to their experiential methodology. Different self-control techniques, relaxation and breathing techniques, identification of anxiety and stress symptoms and recognition of muscle tension are among other topics.

5. Anxiety management workshop (Gamma Psychologists)

Anxiety disorders are one of the most frequent reasons for consultation in psychological therapy. And many times, these problems arise because people are unaware of the strategies to overcome anxiety. Learning these strategies can solve the problem, so psychoeducation is not only key when the problem is already present, but also to prevent it.

Gamma Psychologists offers a training program that helps reduce symptoms , improve self-control and overcome this problem with which many individuals live. This training is an intervention option to reduce levels of anxiety and increase emotional self-control in a short time.

6. Relaxation and stress management course (PositivArte, Madrid)

Relaxation and breathing techniques have been proven in many scientific studies, and the results have shown that they are excellent for controlling anxiety and improving the quality of life of people suffering from this disorder.

The course also allows you to learn tools to manage stress, which, as I have explained, is related to anxiety. In reality they tend to appear together because anxiety is often a symptom of stress, although a person who is stressed may also have other symptoms such as sadness or headaches.

Thanks to PositivArte, you can learn different relaxation and breathing techniques that will help you find the necessary tranquility to feel better and gain quality of life. It is an entertaining course, with practical exercises. With this course you will be able to calm your nerves, control stress and feel better.

Peace: Overcoming Anxiety – Timothy Keller [Sermon] (September 2022).

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