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The 70 best phrases of Antonio Gala

The 70 best phrases of Antonio Gala

March 15, 2023

Antonio Gala (Ciudad Real, 1936) is one of the most prolific and prominent writers of Spanish literature of the twentieth century and early twenty-first century.

Playwright and poet, already at a young age showed a great predilection for reading and the academic world, graduating in economics, philosophy and letters, political science and law.

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Great phrases by Antonio Gala

Communist and freethinker, he won more than 500 awards for his magnificent and multifaceted work. We review the life and thoughts of one of the most respected Spaniards throughout the world.

Let's know the best phrases of Antonio Gala and some of his most ingenious famous quotes.

1. Those who do not serve for anything else are dedicated to politics.

True to his skeptical and ironic style, he criticized the actors of Spanish politics.

2. To the power it happens to him like the walnut tree, it does not let grow anything under its shade ...

On the political structure and its yoke.

3. He bullied the bull of pain, howled in pain, filled the air, cried out to heaven in vain. The pawns made him dizzy with the capes and suddenly he looked at me, with the innocence of all the animals reflected in his face, but also with an imploring.

Against the barbarism of bullfighting.

4. Someone has said that the moon is so pale because it exclusively lives at night.

Great poetic phrase of the great city of Ciudad Real.

5. Each one is an heir of himself, wrote Rabelais, referring to the Greek calends. Well, we have reached them. Now nothing is as it was. Now we have the big problem: we are alone and we have to choose. We are, in theory, free; we are, in theory: masters of our destiny; We have to look for our own identity through our own experiences. Such is our first need; be yourself. And it is better that we be without help from others, so mediators. Be yourself and be happy: what life project. Perhaps the source of happiness, if it has one, is within us. Perhaps it consists in preserving one's own self, not another, and not in being never another, however good it may seem. Perhaps it consists in accepting itself reflexively and meekly as it is, and unfolding.

A maximum to apply to our day to day.

6. Love is the poetry of the senses. But there are really bad poems ...

Just as there are toxic and uninhabitable loves.

7. Perfect love is a friendship with erotic moments.

This is how Antonio Gala described the concept of love.

8. Pain is strongest among the strongest. Like cancer.

Unfortunately, the strong tend to endure more levels of pain and suffering.

9. The writer, many times, is like a racehorse who has lost his rider and does not know why he is running or where the goal is and, nevertheless, he is required to keep running even if he does not know where or why. What reason.

A metaphor to understand the professional life of a writer.

10. He who does not love is always right: it is the only thing he has.

Devoid of love, the human being only finds compassion in his daily misery.

11. In a rose they fit all the springs.

The part for the whole.

12. This society gives us facilities to make love, but not to fall in love ...

Great reflection on the current society.

13. The dictatorship is armored because it has to win. Democracy is presented naked because it has to convince.

One of Antonio Gala's most acclaimed phrases.

14. Happiness is realizing that nothing is too important.

Nothing should take away our joy more than a couple of minutes.

15. Religion should not exist. It should be forbidden by God, but since it does not exist ...

A phrase he spoke during an interview with Jesús Quinteros on Canal Sur.

16. Call a party to a rite as bloody as a bullfight is the opposite of calling sacrifice to the bloodless rite of the mass ...

Another reflection on his opposition to the murder of bulls.

17. Globally they recognize nothing but wars, hatred ... not beauty.

His passion was to find beauty in the little things of everyday life.

18. No one can say that a warm and happy nest will give you very great people. Inadaptation to the imperfect is what improves man.

19. I'm not pessimistic. I am a well-informed optimist.

Ironic reflection on optimism and pessimism.

20. Our society has reached a time when it no longer worships the golden calf, but rather the gold of the calf.

On the difficulty of embracing reality.

21. It is instructive to see how the nationalists make their own bed, at the expense of the insomnia of the rest of the country. No honest mind will understand such attitudes.To prolong the time of blackmail, both the shopkeeper Pujol and Father Arzalluz encourage Gonzalez to refuse the motion of confidence (even threatening not to support him if he initiates it) as well as not to advance the generals. Rebus sic stantibus, they will continue to milk the cow. They do not care, however (sic), to be part of the central government, although not "pupils". And they say it with a small mouth, while with the other they talk to Aznar, who is their counterpart ... Then, with such representatives, they will want Catalans and Basques to love them.

Speaking about several Spanish presidents of the government.

22. Everything a woman really wants - a dog, a man, God, anything - she loves him like a son ...

If love is true, it can only be this kind of unconditional love.

23. Any progress that is not human, is not progress.

Interesting reflection of Antonio Gala.

24. A house is the place where one is expected.

This is how a home is recognized.

25. Live not according to the received ideals, but with your aspirations, with your most vehement intuition.

The moral foundations for a full life.

26. The country does not exist without the love of its children.

Nationalism is based on love among compatriots.

27. When you collaborate with a madman or comment on his manias, you fall into madness.

Over-analyzing the behaviors of others can make us fall into the trap.

28. Good governments know each other when what they do is worth more than what their opponents say.

Antonio Gala's maxim for good politics.

29. There are things that should not be forgiven. If God forgives them, he will. I forgive with difficulty.

A point of resentment can be functional for life.

30. The privileged will always risk their complete destruction before giving up a minimum part of their privileges.

About an unequal society.

31. The book is a pole that allows unimaginable leaps in space and time; the witness of the most beautiful relay race; an infallible and intimate silent friend.

This is how Antonio Gala wrote literature.

32. I understand that the dying attract the prizes.

An ironic reflection on the more than 500 awards and recognitions obtained.

33. Until man discovers his feminine side he will not feel complete and situated.

Homosexual declared, Antonio Gala spoke thus about masculinity.

34. I am one of the writers that sells the most in this country ... and the least read.

Selling a lot does not mean being widely read.

35. Perhaps love is simply that: the gesture of approaching and forgetting. Everyone remains himself, but there are two bodies that merge.

Referring to the most basic elements of love.

36. I love my dogs, whose barking I could distinguish from afar and whose humor I can predict, just as they mine. My dogs and those of others are not people?

Gala extends the meaning of the word person to dogs by their mental abilities.

About his love for animals.

37. On this beach I loved you so much that a breath for both was enough.

More lyricism expressed in this way of expressing the meaning of love.

38. Do not pretend any more, do not hide the excessive hunger of me that burns in your eyes.

An invitation to let go of inhibitions.

39. When love begins, there is a moment when God is surprised to have contrived something so beautiful.

Love can be related to the divine.

40. Melancholy, like sadness, is a feeling that blemishes. Joy seems to me the gift where we are.

A reflection on melancholy.

41. Hold me in your wings so that another breath does not touch me but your breath, from which I live and die.

The romantic and tragic component of this way of expressing itself becomes evident.

42. People feel a strange predilection for me. Because he perceives in me the disability, the loneliness, and then he loves me in a special way, in a protective way.

Vulnerability can also generate attraction, according to Gala.

43. Callad, lovers, and occupy the lip with the kiss. Do not utter vain words while searching for your heart in another chest, panting and poor like yours, already at the edge of the dawn.

Another expression of artistic sensitivity based on the theme of love.

44. To be old is to be overcome by the bitter suspicion of not caring about anyone.

A way of looking at old age with an emphasis on some social phenomena.

45. My autobiography ... I should have started it recently, but I have not started it. It was going to title Self-portrait with landscape in the background, but in the end it will be called, Do not move, I know the exit.

Humor makes an appearance once again in the reflections of this author.

46. ​​I have always been surrounded by women, I am very attracted to the feminine soul.

Detail about the personal life of this artist.

47. I have been vulnerable. I have been easy to hurt. I have been easy, and fragile. I have felt like very deep wounds that for others would have gone unnoticed.

A vital trajectory full of imperfections.

48. Without you, neither the bread nor the wine, nor the life, nor the hunger, nor the juicy color of the morning have any meaning or serve any purpose.

A single person can change everything.

49Well, you are invulnerable to oblivion, vulne me already, love, undo my chest and nest in it, demon and my angel.

Love can become anchored in memories.

50. Victory hurts you, and docilely carry on your destiny of love you carry, delicate and bloody life of mine.

An elegant soliloquy.

51. Your office is daily and decisive: while the sun shines, you will be ardent; while life lasts, you will be alive.

Great passions can also be reflected in daily life.

52. It was at the edge of the sea, at midnight. I knew that God was there, and that the sand and you and the sea and me and the moon were God. And I loved it.

Description full of feeling.

53. I'm interested in women. In addition, the woman is the one who reads the most. My protagonists are always women. I love them more, I admire them more, and they confide in me that they do not do to other women.

About your appreciation for women in general.

54. Yes, I think abstractly, that's something that literally takes away my sleep, despite the pills I take.

A way of reading reality based on abstract ideas.

55. I do not care about Cela's ass. What happened to him in the ass is his business.

One more sample of his propensity to the irreverent.

56. It was winter; You arrived and it was summer. When the real summer arrives, what will become of us?

Metaphors that talk about love and affection.

57. Who could show off, like a bridle, the unparalleled rainbow of your gaze from your light to my fallen darkness.

Another of Antonio Gala's phrases full of romanticism.

58. The truth is that this country is governed by a collection of fools.

An uninspiring vision of the Spanish political scene.

59. I would like to kick the theater to wake up.

Complaints about conformism and stagnation of this type of art.

60. I have great capacity for admiration, surprise and curiosity, which are the three things that define childhood the most.

Antonio Gala talks about several of his personal characteristics.

61. I do not aspire to anything, not even to be an usher of the Ministry of Culture, and the rulers care very little for me.

About the type of motivations that move you.

62. Let no judge declare my innocence, because, in this long-term process, I will only seek the life sentence of your hug.

Emphasizing the tragic character that love sometimes adopts.

63. Woman is the house, where man is a guest.

A way to see gender roles.

64. Rajoy always made me laugh, but now I feel sorry.

About who was president of the government of Spain.

65. Honest politicians are removed from the middle when suspicion falls on them.

Another opinion of Gala about politics.

66. How to eat without you, without the pious custom of your wings that refresh the air and renew the light?

Another example of this playwright's lyricism.

67. I'm not a monarchist. But I understand the work the King has done and I feel great personal sympathy for him.

This artist separates personal value from political value.

68. I love the word, it seems like the nickname of a slut. Look at her, here comes La Alharaca!

A sample of his irreverent sense of humor.

69. It is not about adding years to life, but about giving life to the years.

A defense of vitalism.

70. I would not like to think if I did not think that, deprived of my beauty, I would forget about me if I forgot you.

One of Antonio Gala's most romantic phrases.

Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker Suite, Op 71a (March 2023).

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