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The best training in psychotherapy (masters and courses)

The best training in psychotherapy (masters and courses)

May 27, 2024

Psychotherapists are professionals in Psychology whose objective is to help those individuals with psychological, relational, behavioral, sexual or psychosomatic problems so that they can improve their well-being. Their work is extremely important at present, and it is not surprising that many people, in a society that demands so much of us, seek psychological assistance to recover happiness again or improve their quality of life.

Scientific studies claim that psychotherapy is effective to overcome many problems that can be presented on a day-to-day basis and allows patients to resolve some past conflict, restore their psychological balance, acquire greater self-awareness, achieve emotional balance, etc.

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The importance of continuing education in Psychology

Patients want to be in good hands because their suffering often affects different areas of their lives. In this context, psychotherapists must be prepared and properly trained to meet the people who need them with the maximum guarantees. A good education is the best investment for psychotherapists, either to be able to grow professionally as to do a good job in the consultation .

In Spain, it is necessary to have a Master's degree in General Health Psychology (MPGS) or a PIR to be able to practice as a health or clinical psychologist respectively; However, there are many students who at the end of the Degree in Psychology and the MPGS recognize that, at least as far as the psychotherapeutic practice is concerned, they do not feel fully competent and are not fully prepared to exercise as professionals of psychological therapy.

As we saw in the article "The problem of the Psychology career: a lot of theory but little practice", both the Degree in Psychology and the MPGS touch a bit of everything and provide a good base, but they are impractical training and they do not prepare to be able to sit in front of a patient with total confidence.

The best training in psychotherapy

Training in psychotherapy should be continuous, and often requires different specializations, since psychotherapists offer different tools to their patients so that they can face different problems: breakup of couple, problems in childhood, grieving processes ... Therapists must master these areas if they decide to develop their professional future in that direction.

Fortunately, there are many educational institutions that are aware of this, and that is why they offer a wide variety of training opportunities and certifications for therapists interested in their own professional training.

Below you can find information about the best Masters and courses in psychotherapy in case you intend to expand your knowledge both theoretical and practical and become a psychotherapist more prepared to be able to attend with greater security and guarantee to your future patients.

The best offer of Masters in psychotherapy

The Degree in Psychology does not prepare graduates to practice as psychotherapists, but rather offers a general vision of what behavioral science is and allows it to be initiated in the different fields that comprise it (Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Psychology of Organizations , etc.).

That is why to become a good psychotherapist it is necessary take post-university training, and choose those Masters that are of quality and that fit with the professional expectations you're looking for. For example, get practical experience or specialize in a specific field: couples therapy, child and youth therapy, grief therapy ...

Are you looking for practical training?

If what you are looking for is practical (and also theoretical) training, the Mensalus Institute offers one of the best Masters in Psychotherapy in Spain. It is taught in Barcelona, ​​and has a year duration . It is intended for all those psychologists who wish to deepen the most effective techniques and tools of clinical practice and want to perfect their own therapeutic style.

The practices are carried out with real cases (with patients facilitated by the center) and the students act as therapists with their own patients. In this way, they develop the necessary functional skills for professional practice and achieve greater self-confidence when it comes to caring for their future patients .

The students of this Master also learn from other therapists with the viewing of cases live through a unidirectional glass. Definitely, a Master that offers the maximum formative quality and allows its participants to be more prepared for the workplace tomorrow, especially taking into account that practical skills and applied expertise is the main thing in the professional practice of therapy.

To know more, you can contact this center by clicking on this link.

If you are looking for a therapeutic specialization ...

Other university institutions offer the opportunity to specialize in a specific field of psychotherapy. The University of Deusto (Bilbao) teaches the Master in Systemic-Relational Psychotherapy, so it is ideal for those professionals who wish to engage in couples therapy and family therapy .

To deepen the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in childhood and adolescence (behavioral problems, mental deficiency or emotional disorders, etc.), the Miguel Hernández University of Elche presents the "Master in Psychological Therapy in Children and Adolescents ", which has three major modules: basic foundations, psychological intervention and professional applications in this field.

Finally, for psychologists who want to specialize in the field of clinical sexology and sexual health, the University of Valencia puts at your disposal the "Master in Clinical Sexology (University of Valencia)", quality theoretical-practical training to become a trained sexual therapist to function successfully in the workplace.

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Excellent courses in psychological therapy

In addition to these Master's degrees, educational institutions also offer less extensive courses that aim to provide experience and tools, methods and psychotherapeutic skills necessary to meet patient expectations .

Among these formations we can highlight those of the Mensalus Institute, of which I have spoken in the previous lines, because it offers excellent programs that provide great knowledge. As a training center for professionals in psychology, it offers unique, absolutely practical, experiential and professional training proposals. Among them we find: the "Practical Course of Infantile and Juvenile Psychology" or "Course: The Duel Process" or the courses of Emotional Intelligence or Mindfulness especially designed for psychologists and therapists.

On the other hand, the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid, offers the opportunity to carry out the "Psychological Intervention Course in Couple Therapy" to be able to intervene successfully in relational problems that hinder the good progress of the couple and their health and well-being; and at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife) it is possible to take a University course in Third Generation Therapies, a new therapeutic approach that has a more contextualized and holistic view of the individual.

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