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The psychology of attraction, in 12 keys

The psychology of attraction, in 12 keys

January 25, 2022

What does science say about attraction? What are the results of the research carried out by psychologists regarding this phenomenon?

In this article you will find the 12 keys to the psychology of attraction and the mysteries that surround the relationship between our brain and our behavior related to the act of attracting.

Psychology of attraction and research

Psychologists have spent years trying to learn more about attraction, for example, why and how this process occurs, why we are attracted to some people and not others. Nowadays, it is thought that cultural and biological variables intervene in attraction, but attraction is an abstract concept and consensus has not always existed regarding this topic.

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Keys to the psychology of attraction

And it is that all human beings feel attraction. When someone attracts us and makes us feel that special feeling, our world changes. That person becomes our goal and whatever happens we want to merge in your body. Society may have evolved, but our innate instincts, like those of attraction, have not.

And ... what does psychology say about it? What are the keys to the psychology of attraction? To know it you just have to keep reading.

1. Handsome or ugly?

One of the big questions that many of us ask ourselves is whether the physicist is so important when it comes to flirting, that is, to be handsome. In fact, sure that everyone will agree that there are not very attractive people who are successful in love and attraction .

According to research published in the British newspaper "The Telegraph", the key to this is the attitude shown by some people. There are many individuals who, despite not being attractive, show great security and self-confidence. Maybe the beauty is not so important after all.

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2. Better fun and intriguing

A person may be attractive and successful, and if he also has great self-confidence, it is certainly captivating. But, what if it's boring?

Maybe we do not like it that much anymore. This is what John Medina, a biologist who concludes that the brain has a very short attention span. So we are attracted to people and things that are fun, interesting, intriguing and that catch our attention. At the end of the day, attraction is not just a pretty face. But are the moments that we share with that person who accentuate those intimate moments .

3. 30 seconds is enough

You may have heard many times the phrase that the first impression is what counts, and this may be true in terms of attraction. It has ever happened to you that you have felt a crush when you see that special person.

Research says that it takes only 30 seconds to feel attracted to a person . Maybe that will matter the appearance then.

4. Red: color of attraction

Colors provoke emotions in people, and red is associated with love, passion and fertility for many reasons. Now, it seems that red could be the color of attraction, according to a study.

These researchers conclude that red is the color we should wear with both men and women , because we feel better and make other people want us more. In other words, it increases our seductive power.

5. The symmetry

A study by the University of Mexico led by a biologist found that both men and women People of the opposite sex who have the most symmetrical face and body are more attractive .

This is because the brain associates symmetry with good genetics. Likewise, the study concluded that people with more symmetrical features enjoy a more pleasurable intimate life.

6. Question of curves

Although the world of fashion or magazines strive to make us fans of thin people, the reality is that curves are still successful among men. This is what a study by Devendra Singh, a psychologist and researcher at the University of Texas, found.

According to his conclusions, the figure of the woman that resembles an hourglass is the most attractive . In the case of women, they prefer men with wider shoulders.

7. Body language

Body language has been one of the most studied topics, and it has been concluded that Open body language is attractive for both men and women . This type of body language shows willingness to courtship, which helps initiate conversations. Exposing the torso, lifting the shoulders, or showing the neck makes you more attractive.

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8. Facial structure

There seems to be a relationship between the facial structure and what happens in our body. Estrogen contributes to the growth of bones in the face of women, specifically lower face or chin.

In men, testosterone participates in the development of the lower face, jaw, or prominent forehead. These face structures are attractive to the opposite sex .

9. The smell

A recent study has shown that women smell better and are more attractive to men at certain times of the month , what has to do with the menstrual cycle.

For these, the men who smell best are those with symmetrical features. Other research found that women during menstruation have the finest sense of smell and are more attracted to men with symmetrical features.

10. Characteristics of the voice

The voice we emit can also be an aphrodisiac . Science has shown that men prefer women with a sharper voice. While women prefer men with serious voices. This has to do with hormones and the reproductive development of the species.

11. The dilated pupils reveal

The look is, without doubt, one of the keys to attraction. A deep look can reach the heart. Science says that dilated pupils give away our attraction to another person .

When they get bigger, it may indicate that the other person is attracted. This is what an investigation by the University of Chicago, led by Dr. Eckhard Hess, says.

12. Signs of attraction

But also: What signs do we show men and women when we feel attraction? Science has reached the following conclusions.

A man interested in a woman, usually :

  • Make eye contact more often
  • Smile more
  • It does more self-care behaviors. For example, put on your tie
  • Sit upright
  • Put your shoulders back and chest out

A woman, on the other hand, performs these behaviors :

  • Smile and maintain eye contact more frequently, just like men
  • Make a lean lean towards the person that attracts them
  • Exposes hands, neck and palms
  • Cross and uncross the legs
  • Caring for your skin more than usual
  • Touching your hair


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