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6 reasons why you should talk about sex with your children

6 reasons why you should talk about sex with your children

June 17, 2024

While in Western society sex is no longer a taboo subject, in many homes talking about it is still a complicated issue . Sex appears on television, in the cinema, in magazines and even advertising posters, but from the inside, it is still an uncomfortable and shameful topic, and many parents resist having these kinds of conversations with their children.

The world is changing a lot in the last decades due to the new technologies and exposure and media repercussion that sex has, it makes necessary a correct sexual education from the different educational agents, especially from the family. The classic way of practicing sex has been giving way to more diversified ways of relating sexually.

A study confirms the importance of talking about sex in the family

If you are a father you will be interested to know that a recent study has shown that talking to your children about sex is beneficial for them . This is especially important for adolescents, since treating sex as something forbidden can condition them negatively for the rest of their lives. The correct sex education can prevent sexually transmitted diseases, sexual disorders, improve future relationships, etc., that is, it can improve the emotional and physical health of your children and positively affect their future well-being.

A study conducted by Laura Widman of North Carolina State University and published in JAMA Pediatrics states that talking about sex with parents, especially with mothers, has a positive effect on the safer sexual behavior of adolescents , especially among the girls. To carry out the study, 52 studies of the last 30 years in which more than 25,000 adolescents had participated were reviewed.

Communication about sex between parents and children promotes safe sex

The results of the study carried out by Widman and his collaborators confirm the positive effect of parent-child talks regarding sex. The association between communication with parents and the use of contraceptive methods in adolescents would be significantly more frequent in women than men. Therefore, conversations focused on these issues are a protective factor for youth and is the best way to prevent sexual behaviors that can affect the mental and physical health and well-being of adolescents .

Bad sexual practices and behaviors associated with risky attitudes are a major problem due to the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, communication between parents and adolescents is one of the factors that could lead to safer sex among young people, including the use of contraceptives . Unfortunately, this does not always happen because of shame or ignorance.

Talking about sex with your children is protecting them

Laura Witman, the study's director, explains: "Talking about sex with your children is a way to protect them. Starting these kinds of conversations, even though they may seem a bit uncomfortable, will help your child and make him feel they can trust you. " In addition, Witman adds: "In the study we found that children of parents who spoke to them about issues such as condoms or sexually transmitted diseases were more likely to take precautions during sex."

The author of the study also explains that the reason why talks about sex in the family are more productive between mother-daughter It is because women have more facility in communicating than boys and men. On the other hand, "it could also be that society is more protective of girls in this sense, so parents try to protect them."

Regarding the role of parents in conversations about sex: "There is really little research in this line that is specifically focused on parents. Even so, this study sends a message to parents: what they say to their children matters, "says Witman.

Reasons to talk about sex with your children

Many parents still find it difficult to give their children a good sex education when they have not received it. Addressing this issue can be difficult and it is necessary to find the way and the way to be able to do it naturally . But it is necessary to address this issue in the family so that children can experience sexuality in all its fullness.

Since talking about sex with your children will benefit them, these are some of the reasons why you should do so:

  • When the children have questions, the parents, thanks to their experience and due to the love they feel for them, are the best source of response.
  • It can be traumatic for a child to live his adolescence without being sexually prepared.
  • Children need to learn about sex. Better to receive education from parents, than to receive bad education from the media.
  • When children do not have enough information, they are easily influenced.
  • Talking about sex creates trust between parents and children.
  • Children need to fully enjoy their sexuality without fears or insecurities.

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