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70 phrases about time and the passage of life

70 phrases about time and the passage of life

May 22, 2024

Time passes and never goes back . We live in constant change, in constant evolution, immersed in stressful routines, seeing how time slips from our hands without us being fully aware of it.

Many authors and thinkers of history have reflected on the passage of time and how the maelstrom of day to day irremediably influences us.

Phrases about the time to reflect

There are phrases about time and the passage of life that invite us to pay more attention to the little things in life.

In this compilation we will read great famous quotes about time . These are famous quotes that will make us reflect on the value of time and the need to take advantage of it. Every moment is unique! Choose your favorites and, if you wish, apply them to your life.

1. Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend (Theophrastus)

Forget about material goods . True happiness lies in valuing time and using it to live to the fullest.

2. Love is something eternal, the aspect can change, but not the essence. (Jeff Zinnert)

One of the many famous phrases that relate love with the absence of the time factor.

3. Do you love life? Well, if you love life, do not waste time, because time is the good that life is made of (Benjamin Franklin)

To give importance that time goes away is the best vaccine against sadness.

4. Those who love deeply never grow old, may die of old age but die young (Arthur Wing Pinero)

The joy of being passionate.

5. Love is energy: it is neither created nor destroyed. It simply is and always will be, giving meaning to life and direction to goodness. Love will never die (Bryce Courtney)

A famous quote something abstract to understand the passage of time.

6. All my possessions for a moment longer (Isabel I)

It's no use being rich if our time runs out.

7. The past limits us, but the future frightens us. The only safe place is the present (Isaac López)

The only place where we have the power to change things is the present.

8. Your time is limited, so do not waste it living the life of another ... Live your own life. Everything else is secondary (Steve Jobs)

Forget about trivial worries and focus on enjoying your own life.

9. Love is space and time measured by the heart (Marcel Proust)

The French writer, in a valuable reflection.

10. If you let time pass without doing anything, you will soon realize that you will only live once (Anonymous)

Another phrase that exhorts us not to waste time.

11. Time is the currency of your life. It is the only currency you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful and do not let other people spend it for you (Carl Sandburg)

Each of us own our time.

12. It is not a lover who does not love forever (Euripides)

Love and time come together in this magnificent celebrity rendezvous.

13. A man who allows himself to waste an hour of his time has not discovered the value of life (Charles Darwin)

A somewhat emphatic phrase of the famous British biologist and explorer.

14. Every moment I spend without you is a moment of lost time (RR Tolkien)

Love and time, in another unforgettable reflection.

15. What is time? If nobody asks me, I know. But if I had to explain it to someone I would not know how to do it (Saint Augustine)

A very difficult concept to explain with words.

16. How foolish is the man who lets time pass sterilely (Goethe)

Another sentence in favor of taking advantage of every second of life.

17. Pythagoras, when asked about what time was, answered that he was the soul of this world (Plutarch)

The Greek mathematician responded like this when asked to define the concept of time.

18. Five minutes are enough to dream a lifetime, so relative is time (Mario Benedetti)

The great poet Mario Benedetti in a very inspiring phrase.

19. The only thing that really belongs to us is time. Even he who has nothing has it (Baltasar Gracian)

As human beings, it is practically the only thing we can experience.

20. Time is the best author; always finds a perfect ending (Charles Chaplin)

The great Charlot, in a reflection that went down in history.

21. I wasted time. Now time is wasting me (William Shakespeare)

Not being aware of time can lead us to despair.

22. Let us not waste any of our time; perhaps there were more beautiful, but this is ours (Jean Paul Sartre)

Each era has its lights and shadows.

23. Time is both the most valuable and the most perishable of our resources (John Randolph)

An uncomfortable paradox.

24. One minute that passes is unrecoverable. Knowing this, how can we waste so many hours? (Mahatma Gandhi)

A great phrase of Gandhi.

25You can ask me for anything you want, except for time (Napoleon)

The French general also valued time above all things.

26. Without time there is no future, but with time you can miss the present (Frank Sinatra)

If you live in a state of permanent projection you may not taste the honeys of being alive.

27. Time is one of the few important things that we have left (Salvador Dalí)

The Catalan painter, in this famous quote about the passage of life.

28. Time is but the current in which I am fishing (Henry David Thoreau)

Nothing more than that. A beautiful metaphor.

29. Watch the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves (Lord Chesterfield)

Taking advantage of every moment will bring some very sweet fruits.

30. There is no memory that time does not erase or pity that death does not end (Miguel de Cervantes)

A poetic phrase of the Spanish writer.

31. It is said that time is a great teacher; the bad thing is that he is killing his disciples (Hector Berlioz)

Death is inevitable, and time is in charge of dictating sentence .

32. Being with you or not being with you is the measure of my time (Jorge Luis Borges)

A romantic and very inspiring phrase, by the great writer Borges.

33. My basic truth is that all time is now expanding (Severo Ochoa)

A philosophical phrase that can help you understand the concept.

34. The challenge is in the moment; the time is always now (James Baldwin)

Living the present is the key to an existence full of well-being.

35. They always say that time changes things, but in reality they have to change for oneself (Andy Warhol)

Do not rely on time but on yourself to be the architect of important changes.

36. Time is an illusion (Albert Einstein)

For the German scientist, time is not real but a mere psychological illusion .

37. Forty is the old age of youth, fifty is the youth of old age (Victor Hugo)

Each stage of life has its particularities.

38. Any moment that is not spent in love, is lost (Torquato Tasso)

It is better to invest our efforts in sowing good energies.

39. Old age and the passage of time teach all things (Sophocles)

Only the passing of the years will give you the knowledge necessary to understand the world.

40. Your time is now, do not waste it thinking about what could have been and was not (Steve Jobs)

A motivating phrase that separates us from melancholy.

41. Time is the best medicine for all ills (Steve Jobs)

Another inspiring phrase from Steve Jobs.

42. The value and respect of time determine success or failure (Malcolm X)

The leader for the rights of blacks, in a famous motivational quote.

43. Stop acting as if life is an essay. Live this day as if it were the last. The past is gone. The future is not guaranteed (Wayne Dyer)

A reflection that we should always have in mind.

44. The distinction between the past, present and future is only an obstinately persistent illusion (Albert Einstein)

Another assertion of the German physicist, on his notion of time.

45. Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who maintains the ability to see beauty does not age (Franz Kafka)

The Jewish writer talks to us about happiness.

46. ​​If you see that time passes and you do not move forward, maybe you should change your habits (Karl Malone)

The basketball player was clear what is the engine of success.

47. Perfection is the son of time (Joseph Hall)

Giving time and affection you can sculpt the greatest work of art.

48. The strongest of all the warriors are time and patience (Leo Tolstoy)

Very in line with the previous famous quote. Patience and perseverance are the best counselors if you want to go far in life.

49. Law, democracy, love ... nothing has more weight on our lives than time (Winston Churchill)

The passage of life is inevitable.

50. Fortunate is the man who has time to wait (Calderón de la Barca)

Most of us are impatient.

51. Let us give time to time: for the glass to overflow it is necessary to fill it first (Antonio Machado)

In this list of phrases about time could not miss this beautiful quote from the Spanish poet.

52. Time heals everything, but life can only be lived once (Anonymous)

Do not hesitate to live every day as if it were your last.

53. Old age does not improve the heart: it hardens it (Earl of Chesterfield)

A reflection on the psychological changes that occur as we get older.

54. The individual is ephemeral, races and nations come and go, but the human being remains (Nikola Tesla)

Humanity is that which stands the test of time , whereas the same does not happen with their concrete expressions.

55. Children have no past or future, so they enjoy the present, something that rarely happens to us (Jean de la Bruyere)

A reflection on the way in which the youngest experience time.

56. The present is the necessary result of all the past, the necessary cause of all the future (Robert Green Ingersoll)

An easy way to understand the cause-effect line that goes from the past to the future.

57To long for the past is to run after the wind (proverb)

A beautiful metaphor about the past.

58. Count your age for friends, not years (John Lennon)

There are different ways to measure the progress of time , and this is an alternative.

59. Old age leads to an indifferent tranquility that ensures inner and outer peace (Anatole France)

Another phrase about time and its effects on us.

60. Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it (George Santayana)

We must take into account what happened to establish useful forecasts.

61. It is never too late to do well; Do today what you did not do yesterday (Saying)

A piece of the Spanish proverb.

62. Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind (Mateo Alemán)

Another way of conceiving the idea of ​​youth.

63. It is said that the new generations will be difficult to govern, and I hope so (Alain)

The generational change brings get political changes.

64. The present does not exist, it is a point between illusion and longing (Llorenç Villalonga)

Another phrase about time that focuses on the nature of the present.

65. Some are willing to do anything, except to live here and now (John Lennon)

Procrastination and social pressure lead us not to live in the present.

66. The first forty years of life give us the text; the next thirty, the commentary (Arthur Schopenhauer)

A comment about the progress of life and how it teaches us through different aspects of reality.

67. Mature age is one in which you are still young, but with much more effort (Jean-Louis Barrault)

The transition to middle age does not have to mean a break with the past.

68. When we think that tomorrow will never come, it has already become yesterday (Henry Ford)

The perception of time It does not have to be realistic.

69. Tomorrow is just an adverb of time (Graham Greene)

A phrase about time based on the idea of ​​the future.

70. Those who share our childhood, never seem to grow (Graham Greene)

The moment of life in which we know ourselves influences how we perceive ourselves.

The Dream Of Life - Alan Watts (May 2024).

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