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How to know if your boyfriend is in love with you, in 10 keys

How to know if your boyfriend is in love with you, in 10 keys

June 21, 2024

Although there are many couples who get along great and are very good together, some are more for being or not being alone. And nowadays, relationships are not easy .

To be in pairs it is necessary to put the practice a series of interpersonal skills, such as empathy or negotiation skills. Otherwise, what began as a beautiful love story, can end as hell, in which the two lovers (or ex-lovers in this case) are like the dog and the cat.

When love goes away ...

It is not easy to overcome a breakup of a couple. It takes a lot of will and time to forget someone you care about. We have become accustomed to the presence of the person we love, to their smell, to their caresses ... the change can be a strong impact, which requires acceptance. Because couples are broken every day.

We have all gone through the lack of love and it is one of those experiences that teaches you a lot about life and about how to love. In fact, the lack of love can make you someone stronger emotionally .

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Tips to love

Each relationship is a world, because each person is a world. Some couples fit perfectly in their tastes, others fight against the current to stay together, others know each other since high school. In summary, there are many types of couples.

The truth is that a relationship must be worked on, because there are ups and downs . Knowing how to do things well means that the relationship does not deteriorate at the first moment of change. But what can we do to work on the relationships? We can not ensure the success of all couples, but the ideal is:

  • Wanting with respect and freedom
  • Communicate correctly
  • Solve problems in a mature way and with negotiation
  • Spend time with the beloved
  • Do not leave the relationship aside
  • Reflect and accept changes if needed
  • Trust your partner

How to know if your partner is still in love with you

The important thing is that there is an equitable balance between what is and is received, because we all want that in our relationship there is respect and, above all, love.

How do we know if our partner really loves us and wants to spend the rest of his life with us? In this article We have made a list with 10 keys to know if our partner is still in love with us .

1. Hugs you without seeking to sleep with you

When someone wants to be with you because he wants you with all his strength, you will notice . It feels like touching you, caressing you, hugging you. If the other person only wants you to have intimate relationships and does not have a caring attitude toward you, enjoying the times together, you may see yourself more as an object than as a person.

Now, this may be your way of being, so try to make her understand assertively that you want more than just being together to spend a night of passion together.

2. Your happiness is just as important as yours

When we are in love with someone our happiness depends on theirs . We think of ways to make you feel special, that you know that you will not miss anything with us. In the end it is something that is not thought, but comes out of oneself. If you have reached that point where you have time together and no longer treat you the same. Tell her, also assertively, what you want.

3. He has that look ...

Many times body language speaks for itself. We do not know the reason, but we sense that something strange happens when what they tell us and what they show through body language do not match. If he does not kiss us or caress us as he used to, and, besides, he does not look at us the same way, it is to start thinking. They say that the gaze is the reflection of the heart.

4. He loves listening to you

When he is in love with you, he prefers to be with you than with his friends . Because you make him feel special and even though you do not talk about anything special, your mere presence means a lot to him. He loves to spend time with you alone, because you have a great importance in his life and in his day to day; In some way, a part of your attention is always centered on you. He listens to you because he cares about your needs.

5. Brag about having you

When your partner is in love with you he loves to walk with you, go out to dinner or have a drink, because he is proud to be with someone like you. He likes to be seen with you. This may sound a bit bad, but if you think you are special it is logical that you like people to see that you are a lucky guy. This does not mean that I show you as if you were a trophy , but he is happy to go with you to parties and meetings, because he values ​​your company.

6. Does more than say

Speaking and promising is easy, but the words are blown away by the wind . When your partner is in love with you, he does not leave you half-hearted with those promises, but he does his part so that the relationship you live with him is something unique and special. One notices when they love him, because he feels loved, and this is noted not in the content of what is said, but in what is done and in the way in which it is done (usually initiatives appear that require time and / or effort).

In short, affection is expressed, it is not communicated. If you do not notice that affection, maybe you should reflect.

7. It is not always you who message first

When you are in a relationship and you are separated because everyone lives in your house. If you do not talk to him and he does not talk to you, he may not be in love. When you feel that strong feeling called love, the need to talk with that person comes from you . Sometimes he will message you whatsapp and others you. If he never sends you messages, let alone messages with affection, he does not think so much of you.

8. He is generous with you

And of course, when you feel love for someone you become generous . It is not a matter of being all day pending of the other person, but you will want your partner to be happy and do not miss anything. In addition, your love will always take your opinion into account, because you are your priority and will strive to make your relationship work.

9. He loves to spend time with you

When you are your priority, the time you have is for you . Go to the mountain to climb, a walk in the park, a weekend in the snow ... any excuse is good to have you near. You are what you love most and that is why you want to be with you every day. However, if you want to go on vacation to Thailand without even consulting, or prefer to go to the coast with friends to spend the summer with them, it is obvious that you do not take into account. Does the relationship make sense like that? Possibly not.

10. Make future plans with you

When your partner is in love with you, make future plans with you . That does not mean you're going home right now. But, for example, if you get a job offer or an opportunity to change jobs, you are in your plans, either at the time of rejecting or accepting it. The decision will be made by consulting you and reaching a point in common with you. Because he wants to be with you, and does not propose to live without you unless something very important happens that involves a very drastic change in the relationship. It's that easy.

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