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How to like a man, in 4 psychological keys

How to like a man, in 4 psychological keys

July 19, 2024

Throughout history, the differences between men and women have been exaggerated. The fact that each sex was assigned to a very different gender roles has made for centuries that it assumes that everything in which "the lady and the gentleman" differ is a product of innate biological differences.

However, there are certain behaviors in which there are very stable differences between men and women: those that have been associated with reproduction for millennia. It is true that today neither romances nor intimate relationships are inseparable from the birth of new generations, but the fact that for millions of years has been this way, has left marks in our body and in some predispositions based on our genes.

In this article we will see some keys to understanding how to like a heterosexual man . These are attitudes and actions that have been seen to be useful, across various cultures and societies, to attract the attention of men. However, it should be noted that these are statistical trends, and each case is unique. In other words, they are not infallible methods, but they do reduce the chances of rejection appearing.

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How to like a man? Attitude is the key

It is clear that there are many aspects related to aspects of physical appearance that help to attract. However, it is no less true that a good percentage of the success that can be achieved when seducing has to do with the attitude we adopt in front of others . In the following sections we will see that, in many aspects, being clear about this is the key.

1. If you are happy, show it

It's that easy. Many women believe that to attract a man it is necessary to maintain a serious or even haughty attitude, repressing their own happiness, but this is not true. If not expressing joy is already a bad idea in itself, it does not make sense when what you want is to seduce a heterosexual man.

For example, in an investigation whose results were published in 2011, it was found that males they considered the female faces considerably more attractive when they smiled genuinely . This phenomenon, however, was not present when heterosexual women had to rate the attractiveness of male faces.

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2. Express yourself

Another myth about the traditional roles of women is that women should adopt a passive and rather discreet role. This idea, in addition to being discriminatory, does not even correspond to what men consider attractive. For example, in one study it was found that the women who gesticulated more when expressing themselves , and that occupied a greater "vital space" because of their movements, they were more seductive.

In short, a good dose of assertiveness are not only useful in the sense that they help those who use them to assert themselves and have a greater capacity to defend their interests; In addition, this is positively valued in terms of its seductive potential.

3. Take advantage of the red color

Several studies indicate that the color red serves to seduce, especially in case you want to draw the attention of heterosexual men. This could have something to do with the fact that we associate red color with vivid experiences and passions. So that, something as simple as using this color to dress can help to, at least, attract attention and increase the chances of seduction. But, nevertheless, it is also known that the fact of wearing red also unconsciously influences how we act. This may be the key.

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3. Are you looking for beauty tips? Do not hide the curves

There are many beauty tricks associated with the ability to attract men. However, the vast majority of them are specific to certain societies and cultures. For example, the stereotype of a slender and attractive woman works in the West, but it does not work in certain agricultural societies, in which men tend to prefer partners with a more robust constitution. Similarly, in Western countries long hair and blue eyes are also better valued, but this is not something that is fulfilled in many other places.

However, there is one characteristic that seems to be very stable regardless of the type of society we take as a reference: the relationship between the size of the waist and the size of the hips or, as it is usually called in the Anglo-Saxon world that dominates this kind of research, the waist-hip ratio.In particular, it is estimated that an ideal waist-hip ratio from the point of view of heterosexual men is 0.7 or a little lower, dividing the perimeter of the waist between the perimeter of the hip.

This means that the voluptuousness of the hip, which many women hide because of the complexes using a wardrobe that conceals the curves, is in fact a weapon that can be used in seduction. The imposition of extreme thinness does not have to do with looking like most women or with actually attracting more men, but with other completely different logics based on marketing.

4 Psychological Keys To Make A Man Like You (July 2024).

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