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8 keys to know if your partner is unfaithful and cheats you

8 keys to know if your partner is unfaithful and cheats you

May 23, 2022

Being faithful to your partner is, without a doubt, one of the basic pillars of a relationship. When trust is lost because of infidelity, it is difficult to be well again and make the relationship work .

Now, complicated is not the same as impossible, so some couples overcome this bump and get stability again.

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We are more and more infidels

Scientific studies show that infidelities are increasing, especially in the case of women. According to a recent article by El Confidencial, one in three women cheat on their partner . This Spanish newspaper, with this news, echoed a study conducted by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP).

The research included a sample of 3,406 subjects, who were evaluated based on their motivations, their disposition and the resistances imposed with respect to adultery. And the figures do not stop growing in terms of female infidelity. In 1970, only 10% of women claimed to have been unfaithful; in 2001, 24%, and in 2016, 33% . In the case of men, the percentage of infidelity is similar to the latter, although the infidelity rate has not changed so much in recent decades.

The summer, time of infidelities

As you can see, infidelity is on the rise, but not at all times of the year we are equally infidels. A survey carried out by the Second Lives portal, specialized in finding couples for infidelities, has also been responsible for demonstrating the relationship between summer and extramarital affairs.

The results showed that during this time of the year the search for lovers increases by 40%. The survey counted with 92% of the users of the page, and they affirmed that in the summer they have more time and feel freer to commit infidelity .

Causes of infidelity

Also, in an article published in Infobae, the psychologist Adriana Guraieb tells that: "in the holidays there is more time, the bodies are more visible to the sun and alcohol can help to talk about more infidelities. However, alcohol is not a reason for infidelity, but rather it is a facilitator in the sense that it disinhibits and favors the revealing of hidden sexual desires. "

Having said that, What causes infidelities? Well, there are many reasons that can lead a couple to be unfaithful. Three of the most important are these:

  • Communication problems : good communication or empathy can help conflicts to be solved and, therefore, there is greater confidence in the members of the couple. Miscommunication favors infidelity because conflicts can cause couples to look outside for what they do not find in their relationship.
  • Monotony : other times it can be the monotony and the wear caused by the routine that leads one of the two members of the couple to want to have sex outside of the relationship.
  • Differences in the desire to have sex : there are people who are more passionate and fiery than others. Some can spend long periods without sex and others can not.

How to know if your partner is cheating on you

Infidelity in relationships is frequent. However, they do not always end up knowing . Detecting an unfaithful partner is complicated, unless the person committing the adultery leaves very obvious clues or is caught at that time and can not deny it. In fact, most infidelity goes unnoticed or does not come to be tested, because the rules of the game tend to favor those who cheat.

But it is possible to know a series of signals that could indicate that something happens outside the relationship. When I say "something can happen" I mean that these keys are not 100% infallible, and the behaviors that your partner shows may be due to other reasons, which should not be ruled out. So to be as objective as possible It is necessary to make a global assessment taking into account how is the person and what the situation , and of course, not accusing anyone if there is no reliable evidence that fidelity is happening.

These are the keys that could indicate that an infidelity is taking place.

1. Visible signs

It turns out that you're doing your partner's laundry and shirt and it smells strongly of women's perfume ; Your partner arrives home and has a lipstick stain on his neck or comes from work with disheveled hair. These may be signs that something may have happened. Now, a single occasion is not enough to doubt someone. It would be different if this happens repeatedly.

2. Change of habits

You know your partner perfectly because you have lived together for many years. But he has been behaving strangely for a few months and has adopted habits that he did not have before . For example, check your smartphone every day before bedtime and spend hours hooked to the device when you leave work. On top of that, when you ask him who he talks to so much, he avoids answering, he is tense and he hides the conversations.

3. Does not know what answers or do not agree their stories

Not only do you show tense or hidden conversations, but when you ask a question, such as "what did you do when you left work?" he does not know what to answer or his explanations are not convincing enough .

4. It gets defensive

And of course, you miss their behavior, so you ask something to clarify it. Instead of acting calmly, knowing that you have nothing to hide , it turns out that he gets angry and in the end avoids answering you. There's no reason to be like this, unless you hide something ...

5. Change in routine

It not only changes habits and way of acting, but also your routine seems to have changed . Now he has new hobbies, new hobbies, and see where you are, he does not include you in any of his activities.

6. Many hours of work

Unfaithful people often use work as an excuse . If you used to work 8 hours a day, now you always leave later than the job, you even have to go on a trip with the company and now also work on Saturdays ... These are some indicators that can make you suspect your true intentions.

7. Want to go everywhere

Maybe your relationship did not go through its best, but it had never behaved in a way that avoided your presence in many situations. Now he prefers to be alone in the room or to go alone to any place. Obviously everyone needs their space, but this is not the reason for their attitude .

8. Pays too much attention to your physical appearance

Pay close attention to your physical appearance, dress better, use after shave every day and even return to the gym despite having forgotten it. He behaves the same way as when the relationship with you began, but over time he seemed to have forgotten . This strange behavior may mean that you are trying to impress someone.

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