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Link in social networks: 7 tips to succeed

Link in social networks: 7 tips to succeed

July 18, 2024

The social networks to flirt are fashionable .

More and more often, applications that give us the opportunity to meet interesting people and find the love of our life come onto the market. Tinder It is one of these applications, and it is probably the one that is having the most success. But how do we manage to generate interest and be able to have an appointment?

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Seduction 2.0: seven keys to move from social network chat to bed

Next we will give you seven tips so that your 2.0 appointments become appointments 1.0 and be able to move from the screen of chat to the bar of the bar.

1. Be yourself

If our goal is to face each other, it is important that we behave in a manner consistent with who we are. We must think that, sooner or later, we will have to see our contact in person. There's nothing more frustrating than discovering that the person hiding behind the screen was not who he said he was . In the next step we tell you how to do it ...

2. Have a consistent profile

Let's choose adequate profile photos talk about us Of course, we have to choose the photos in which we are more favored, but it is not enough. It is important that the photographs speak of us, our work and our hobbies. We must choose images in which we leave enjoying our lives . For example, if we like to ski, we will choose a photo where we go skiing. If we work as a waiter in a bar, we will select a photo in which we appear preparing a drink ... remember that the photos are a great source of information and, in addition, they can be used to generate conversations.

Once we have selected the photo, it would be advisable that, if the application allows it, we will fill in the profile counting about us and what we want to do with our life. We will not leave it blank. We will synthesize, in a couple of lines, what we are and what we expect from life. That will help the other person to get an idea of ​​how we are and so you can decide if you want to give us an opportunity.

3. The input phrase

You already have an adequate profile and are willing to talk. What do you say? Before we start talking, we recommend you look at their profile. There we will have a very important information source with which to start chatting. No need to impress anyone; we will simply be interested in the other person. Little by little, we will be taking practice and it will be easier for us to generate a conversation from nothing. We will start with questions that must be answers in a broad way.

We will not focus on "yes" or "no" questions. We are not doing a survey, we are wanting to meet a person of flesh and bones .

4. Do not overwhelm

Do not become annoying . Surely our interlocutor has a life to attend. Let's give a limited time to our sessions chat and enjoy real life. That will help the other person ask about us. For the other person, we have to be a pleasant and appetizing moment . Also, it is important that we keep things for the appointment. This will generate expectations and awaken your curiosity.

5. Create intimacy and trust

It is important that, as we chat, we generate complicity with jokes that only we and our interlocutor can understand. The other person must detect that you have something special . You should feel that you are a respectful person worthy of your trust and we should let you know that we expect the same.

6. Have a reason

If our goal is to meet the other person, we have to have a excuse, although this is just that we are curious to know it. Things have a reason . Communicating it properly will make it more difficult to obtain a do not by answer

It is advisable that we have some plan in mind ; something simple with which to be able to hang out together. Let's try to stay in a busy place where there are people. Remember that the other person does not know us and still does not know how we really are. You may have doubts about our person. We must offer the possibility to verify that we are as we have shown ourselves.

7. Do not insist

We are not an obligation. Our interlocutor has to feel that he wants to know us by his own will. If he tells us that he can not stay, let's not persecute him; let's give him a break. One way to not get obsessed is that we have more than one person to stay with. That way we will not be so affected by your refusal.

In summary: we have to be patient and behave as we are . We have to understand that, behind the screen, there is a real person with feelings and a passionate life that we must discover.

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