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Superiority complex, a trait of insecure people

Superiority complex, a trait of insecure people

June 21, 2024

We have all seen the members of the nobility strutting on roads cordoned off and adorned by a long carpet. They are perfect individuals in all aspects, omnipotent beings with a haughty look and a petulant pose .

However, what would happen if one of these subjects of blue blood transcended the pomp that characterizes them so much and they were located in places as common as a commercial center or a fish market? Possibly we would think that they are unpleasant people, people who feign an inflated self-esteem that is clearly perceived as false. They are people who suffer from a badly called superiority complex.

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But what are the causes of the superiority complex?

People with superiority complex they are people trapped in an eternal feeling of delirious contempt towards others , people who believe that their neighbor is inferior and that they should be at their service. We could explain various causes to understand the behavior behind the man, but with the reader's permission, I think it would be more interesting to investigate in a concrete way the issue in question.

It is in the depths of our being where we find our true original self. In this intrapersonal reality neither money nor power makes much sense and it is for this same reason that in such place these concepts fall under their own weight, becoming what they are, a mere human illusion created by a human mind that tries to justify an existence, probably, lacking in meaning .

A noble self-deception

It may seem contradictory but many people with an air of grandeur share a key characteristic: their self-esteem needed to build a wall to protect themselves and not be weak, but the same need to have such a barrier implicitly bears the stamp of weakness.

Feeling superior or inferior has a direct relationship with self-esteem. Self-esteem is formed at an early age and is associated with the social environments closest to the child, family and school. In these social environments, as is logical, children can have both positive and negative experiences and those experiences are what will build their self-image, that is, the vision they have of themselves in relation to society and to other people from its environment.

Many children who suffer from bullying create their own reality to make more bearable suffering that overwhelms them and breaks them inside. Because, the signs of support and affection both at school and in the family are important in these cases , because they act as a counterpoint to the negative feelings suffered by the boy.

So, if you run into one of these blue-blooded characters and he looks at you over his shoulder, he will most likely be donning medals that he certainly does not deserve. It is not your fault, you may have a problem of low self-esteem.

The features of the aristocrat

The characteristics of a person with superiority complex are present throughout his social life, from the way of dressing through the look and ending in the way of speaking. In a way, dWhat disdain towards others does not stop being a cognitive projection of their own defects , defects that are displaced towards others through defense mechanisms to make their condition a little more bearable.

They are pedantic and arrogant, always worried about their image; they have an exaggeratedly positive opinion of themselves although sometimes the opposite effect is often given (and this is when their true self-esteem comes to light) because they often cause rejection in people by being so arrogant.

They are also very theatrical and theatrical with their emotions, coming to have tantrums. Paradoxically, Joy and excessive motivation is also common in this behavior . On the other hand, they probably think that everyone envies them. Whenever they can, they will talk about themselves, leaving no room to discuss other issues.

Similarities and differences between superiority complex and inferiority complex

Although they are two different complexes, the truth is that they share the same cause: the contempt towards oneself. Those individuals who suffer from inferiority complex are more likely in the future to idealize their person through fantasy.

When this happens, as in the background are people with low self-esteem, those who live in great dream castles will seek to hide in activities where they have some advantage in which to stand out, because they desperately need to reaffirm their false beliefs about themselves .

In search of a balanced self-esteem

Since Psychology and Mind We want to highlight a series of recommendations to the parents of children and adolescents to prevent the superiority complex.

  • Promote realistic goals.
  • Do not hide from them the reality of the world around you.
  • Establish clear rules and limits.
  • Support them in their virtues and defects.
  • Avoid being excessively permissive.

In conclusion...

In conclusion; we must be careful with people with a superiority complex, because they are subjects who in their time have not managed to overcome certain feelings of frustration, frustration that they pay with others. To hide that anger towards themselves, they exaggerate their qualities, which is why they tend to be arrogant . We must be cautious before them

Do not be deceived; Anyone who needs to constantly display their virtues brings back a whole bomb of insecurity that sooner or later will end up exploding. The best we can do is try to help them, giving them our sincere support so they can express their insecurities without masks. And, if necessary, a psychologist can treat these people to overcome their blockages.

Inferiority Complex Symptoms (June 2024).

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