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The 40 best virtues that a person can possess

The 40 best virtues that a person can possess

May 23, 2024

We all have a series of virtues and defects that make us unique people. Luckily, the defects that we have can be worked on, but for this it is necessary to know our strengths and our weak points.

If in our article "The 35 worst defects that a person can have" we review the negative aspects of a person's personality that create rejection, in this article we will talk about the opposite: we will focus on what makes us enjoy greater well-being and have healthier interpersonal relationships .

The best virtues of a person

But, what are the virtues we must possess? Here is a list of qualities and abilities that have a positive effect on us:

1. Acceptance

Accept yourself it is one of the keys to well-being and has a positive effect on self-esteem and self-efficacy. It is the ability to recognize, despite not being perfect, that we are valuable and worthy of being loved and respected by others and by ourselves.

On the other hand, the acceptance also serves to face with a constructive attitude the challenges and the problems of the day to day. Do not deny what is an obstacle allows progress and get to overcome it.

2. Responsibility

The willingness to take full responsibility for our choices. It is an act of maturity and it is the moral or legal obligation of fulfilling duties, which implies efforts on the part of oneself.

On the other hand, being responsible helps to live in society, since it creates the necessary framework of relationships so as not to interfere negatively in what others do.

3. Gratitude

It is seeing the good side of life and expressing gratitude and satisfaction. Satisfaction is the awareness of sufficiency, a sense that we have enough and we are enough. It makes us value even the simplest things.

4. Assertiveness

Assertiveness is a style of communication characterized in that the person Talk about what you think is fair , establishing clear limits. It is the expression of one's opinion in a correct way and respecting the rights of others

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5. Respect

Being respectful is being kind to others, accepting their possible faults and not judging their opinions and ideas. Those who stand out for being respectful people know that nobody has the obligation to be perfect.

6. Care

Care is a great virtue. It means giving attention to oneself and people matter to us. Listening with compassion , helping with kindness.

7. Caution and prudence

Prudence is the virtue that prevents us from behaving in an unreflective and impulsive way in the multiple situations that we must deal with in life. A cautious individual is cautious and prudent , because he understands the meaning of his life and that of other people.

8. Generosity

Generosity is the habit of sharing with others and taking care of their needs. Being generous is one of the best virtues a person can possess.

9. Joy

Cheerful people always they provide positive energy , because they see the good side of things and do not spend their lives lamenting.

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10. Cleaning

Keep our bodies, our thoughts and our spaces clean. An atmosphere of order and beauty It brings peace to our minds, in addition to preventing all kinds of diseases.

11. Commitment

Being committed to a person, a goal is positive. It is the will to give all our effort and keep our promises and not bet everything for the here and now, but accept long-term projects.

12. Compassion

It is the deep empathy for the suffering of others. Compassion happens when we have a nonjudgmental mentality .

13. Trust

It is a sense of security and the assessment of the ability we have in ourselves regarding different tasks. It helps us overcome difficult moments.

14. Cooperation

Working together with another person for a common goal is a virtue. In this way everyone can give free rein to their talents and the result is greater than acting independently.

15. Sense of humor

The sense of humor helps us to have fun moments and is one of the most valued qualities for others.

16. Courage and courage

A quality that allows one to face danger without showing fear and transforms this fear into determination, managing to overcome adversity.

17. Creativity

Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas and it is easy to create and invent something. Be open to inspiration, which increases our originality.

18. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the place of the other, to understand their emotions and their behavior.It is key to the relationship with others.

19. Decision

The ability to decide is the firmness of the mind in taking a position, arriving at a conclusion. It requires courage and discernment.

20. Democratic

To be democratic is to be brave. It is the opposite of authoritarianism or autocracy , in which the person does not impose their ideas or pretend to control, not be afraid of the opinions of others.

21. Persistence

People who never give up despite adversity are much more likely to end up achieving their goals and objectives in life.

22. Devotion

Commitment to something that interests us deeply. An unconditional service to the purpose of our life. Surrender completely to what one loves.

23. Dignity

Dignity is to honor the value of all people, including ourselves and treat everyone with respect.

24. Integrity

The whole person is the one who he has a moral integrity that does what it considers correct for oneself and for others according to its principles. He does not do to others what he does not want them to do to him.

25. Patience

Being patient is a virtue that helps us endure difficult and / or prolonged moments without losing our calm.

26. Self control

Self-control is necessary for coexistence with other people. The self-controlled person is aware of their emotions and behaviors and is able to regulate them.

27. Resistance

Resistance is perseverance and patience when obstacles arise . It is staying afloat even if things do not favor us.

28. Enthusiasm

It is facing life with a positive mentality and with an exaltation of the mind. It is an attitude about life, characterized by an open mind towards the things that happen to us every day.

29. Resilience

It is the ability to move forward even when we do not see the future very clear and face adversity. It's about accepting disappointments and learn from unflattering experiences .

30. Justice

Seek justice and give each person the part that they have to do. Make sure that everyone's needs are met.

31. Loyalty

Loyalty to ourselves and others. regardless of what happens. Be faithful to the people we love.

32. Mental flexibility

The ability to adapt and change in the midst of the fluctuating circumstances of life. The mental flexibility is also to be open minded and not to have prejudices.

33. Authenticity

Authenticity is a quality possessed by those people who go head-on and who know that they will not go in the back if they have a problem with you at some time. They are individuals who go without the mask on , which are as shown.

34. Sorry

Forgiveness in reference to oneself and the rest. It is the acceptance of mistakes and to continue with life with a clear conscience. Avoid feeling resentment and desire for revenge.

35. Friendship

Offering friendship is one of the best virtues that an individual can possess. It is the ability to be there for the other during difficult times and to be warm and close.

36. Autonomy

Autonomy is the opposite of being a dependent person. The individual can stand on its own on an emotional level and feels empowered in front of life.

37. Self-reflection

Self-reflection is the ability to reflect on oneself and the experiences that occur around them. It is key to learn from difficult situations.

38. Sacrifice

The action of setting aside some things to achieve what we really want. It's a matter of priorities , in which one can also set aside some personal interest for the benefit of others, not just oneself.

39. Self-awareness

Being aware of the present and of one's own emotions and behaviors is necessary in order to regulate behavior.

40. Optimism

Be optimistic it is an adaptive attitude towards life , that helps us in many aspects. Not only is it good physically, but also physically. Scientific studies show that optimistic people have better physical health.

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