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80 phrases about Music for music lovers like you

80 phrases about Music for music lovers like you

May 22, 2024

Music is one of the most important factors in the life of the human being ; not in vain appeared thousands of years ago, in the beginnings of our species, and has been occupying all the spaces of our day to day.

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Are you a music lover? These famous quotes will make you fall in love

Music is present in festivals, ceremonies, works of art and even in television commercials, and it is even used in small doses of music to liven up certain moments: trips on the train, study days, etc.

With so much potential, it is totally reasonable that throughout history many outstanding personalities have left interesting phrases about music for posterity .

80 phrases about music (short)

Below you can see a compilation of short phrases about music what they give to think. They are famous quotes pronounced by famous musicians and artists, as well as by other thinkers. Which is your favorite?

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1. Music is the soundtrack of life

If we expand the panorama with which we see our lives, we will realize that this reflection makes a lot of sense. The phrase is Dick Clark .

2. There are two ways to take refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats

A phrase from Albert Schweitzer , not without a hint of humor, about the power of music.

3. Without music, life would be a mistake

One of the phrases of Nietzsche Best known is also one of the phrases about music in which this form of art is given greater value.

4. All good music must be an innovation

Les Baxter , about the nature of good music.

5. Music is love looking for words

A phrase from Lawrence Durrell in which music is related to one of the great human passions.

6. I see music as fluid architecture

Joni Mitchell he sees a link between the meticulousness and strategic nature of architecture and the mathematical nature of music.

7. Music can change the world because it can change people

Bond , the legendary leader of the U2 band, offers this reflection on music, with a more social approach.

8. Music expresses what can not be said and what it is impossible to remain silent

The French writer Victor Hugo He left this reflection, one of the most remembered phrases about music.

9. Music is a greater revelation than all wisdom and philosophy

The great composers also reflect on the nature of their work. On this occasion, it is Ludwig van Beethoven the one in charge of making us think.

10. Where words fail, music speaks

The expressive power of music is emphasized by Hans Christian Andersen .

11. Music is the mediator between the spiritual world and the world of the senses

Ludwig van Beethoven , about an art that according to him is between two worlds

12. The most famous and popular language in the world is music

The South Korean rapper Psy , about the unifying potential of music.

13. To a certain extent, the music is no longer mine, it's yours

Phil collins , the famous drummer and British singer, offers a short phrase about music that recalls a compressed version of the theories of the death of the author.

14. All the writers I know would prefer to be musicians

Kurt Cobain , leader of Nirvana, gives reasons to see with admiration the work of the musicians, although it does not leave in a good place the writing.

15. Music is the shorthand of emotion

Leo Tolstoy , about the way in which music expresses emotional states instantly.

16. Music is a weapon in the war against unhappiness

A positive and at the same time martial vision of music, for Jason Mraz .

17. Music in the soul can be heard by the universe

The oriental philosopher Lao Tzu , about the transcendent aspect of the musical.

18. Minor artists borrow, great artists steal

The composer Igor Stravinsky rejects the idea that music should be an effort to differentiate.

19. Rhythm and harmony find their way into the soul

Plato, in one of his phrases about music, relates this with his concept of the spiritual, very present in his philosophy.

20. Live music is healthy

The impact on health that the music retains, according to John Lydon .

21. The only truth is music

The writer of the beat generation, Jack Kerouac , in one of its most outstanding music frses.

22Where the words are left out, the music starts

Heinrich Heine he also compares music with verbal expression, emphasizing the potential of the first.

23. Music is the type of art that is closest to tears and memory

Oscar Wilde I believed that music is very connected with the emotional side of the human being.

24. Music inflates temperament

The now deceased leader of the band The Doors, Jim Morrison , offers a vision of music related to the irrational.

25. Music is the poetry of the air

One of the most lyrical phrases about music, whose author was Jean Paul Richter .

26. The musician is probably the most modest of the animals, but also the most proud

The minimalist composer Erik Satie exposes an apparent paradox.

27. When the music reaches you, you do not feel pain

One of the great legends of music, Bob Marley , about the healing power of this art form.

28. The patterns of music and all the arts are the keys to learning

One of the quotes from Plato most outstanding, about the learning process.

29. Music is the universal language of humanity

Henry Hadsworth Longfellow It also emphasizes the universal nature of music.

30. Without deviating from the norm, progress is not possible

Frank Zappa about the need to break the rules and be faithful, in any case, to creativity.

31. Every art constantly aspires to reach the condition of music

Walter Pater about the most outstanding art form.

32. Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances

The American artist Maya Angelou Find some properties of music in everything that surrounds us.

33. I accept the chaos, although I'm not sure that he accepts me

Bob Dylan , about his relationship with the chaotic both in music and in his life.

34. I like that pretty melodies tell me terrible things

Tom Waits speak here about the joyful tension that musical pieces can carry.

35. Music produces a kind of pleasure without which human nature can not live

One of the oldest phrases about music, in this case the philosopher Confucius .

36. Music is for the soul what gymnastics for the body

Plato he leaves us another famous quote talking about music and its benefits.

37. Music composes the decomposed spirits and relieves the works that are born of the spirit.

The author of Don Quijote of La Mancha, Miguel de Cervantes , about the benefits of listening to good melodies.

38. Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknown

Leonard Bernstein plasma in this inspiring phrase the magic of this art.

39. In music all feelings return to their pure state and the world is nothing but music made reality

Arthur Schopenhauer , the German philosopher, reflects on music.

40. Music is a higher revelation than any other philosophy

Beethoven , about the mystical aspect of this art.

41. To compose is not difficult, the complicated thing is to drop under the table the superfluous notes

The classical musician Johannes Brahms reflects on the musical composition.

42. Rock is a pool, jazz is an ocean

The Mexican guitarist Carlos Santana , about the differences between these two musical genres.

43. The musicians are terribly unreasonable. They always want you to be totally mute at the precise moment you want to be completely deaf

A famous quote from Oscar Wilde .

44. Music is the voluptuousness of the imagination

Eugène Delacroix , proposes a connection between musical creation and imagination without brakes.

45. Music is the arithmetic of sounds, as optics is the geometry of light

Claude Debussy He talks about his particular perception of musical art.

46. ​​Truly, if it were not for the music, there would be more reasons to go crazy

The musician and composer Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky He left us this interesting phrase about music for hard-hearted music lovers.

47. He who listens to music feels that his loneliness, suddenly, populates

Robert Browning , about the healing effect of the melodies.

48. Military justice is to justice what military music is to music

Grouxo Marx leaves us an interesting reflection.

49. Music is an echo of the invisible world

Giuseppe Mazzini He is the author of this intriguing phrase about musical art.

50. Music is the heart of life. Love speaks through her; without it there is no possible good and with it everything is beautiful

The Austro-Hungarian composer Franz Liszt gives a central importance to music.

51. Critics see music and hear painting

Valeriu Butulescu , a music lover who understood the complexity of art.

52. Some people have life, others have music

A statement by John Green about the intensity with which you can get to experience music.

53We should consider lost day that one in which we have not danced

Another of Nietzsche's phrases about music in which its vitalism is reflected.

54. My ambition was to live like music

A statement by the essayist and writer Mary Gaitskill.

55. Much music consists of mathematics; it consists of balance

A reflection of screenwriter and film director Mel Brooks.

56. If I can not dance in it, it's not my revolution

One of the most remembered phrases of Emma Goldman, referring to anarchism and feminism.

57. Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny

Frank Zappa offers this humorous note about the most chaotic musical genre .

58. The musicians do not retreat; they stop playing when there is no more music in them

An inspiring phrase by Louis Armstrong

59. Love is friendship played as a piece of music

This reflection about love is by Joseph Campbell.

60. Mathematics is the music of reason

Comparisons between mathematics and the musical They have been constant throughout history. This phrase by James Joseph Sylvester is an example of this.

61. Richard Wagner, a musician who composed music that was better than it sounded

In this way, this composer saw his own work; as something that goes beyond the musical.

63. The music has charms to soothe the wild chest, soften the rocks and bend an oak

William Congreve emphasizes the kind nature of the music .

63. I do not make music for the eyes but for the ears

A phrase of the singer Adele in which she vindicates the raison d'être of music.

64. Music is like a strong shock of tension

James Taylor defines music from its psychological effects

65. Music is like an oasis in my head

River Phoenix talks about the calm that the process of creating musical pieces transmits.

66. As long as my music is real there will be no limit on how many ears I can grab

Kendrik Lamar talks about the power of authentic music when it comes to reaching people.

67. Music is powerful; as people listen to it, it is affected by it

Another phrase about music that highlights the way in which this influences us. In this case, the author is Ray Charles.

68. Everyone should pursue what is authentic in oneself; that's the way to have a long life in music

A recommendation from Bjorn Ulvaenus for people who want to make a career in this field .

69. Music is the power of the prophets and a gift from God

A curious phrase of Martin Luther.

70. Music is a way of dreaming together and going to another dimension

A reflection by Cecilia Bartoli on how we experience the musical.

71. The best music is made of love, not money

Greg Lake talks about what motivates the creation of good music.

72. I believe that music is the most phenomenal platform for intellectual thought

Annie Lennox establishes a link between the musical and the cognitive.

73. I just want to feel as much as I can, it's about everything the soul is about

Phrase of the great singer Janis Joplin.

74. All the things that we throw at the sea are always returned by the tide. The more you try to forget it the more strongly you remember it

Phrase of Fito & Fitipaldis.

75. Music is the true universal language

A reflection of Carl von Weber, the German composer.

76. Music is a broad thing, without limits, without borders, without flags

Leon Gieco, the Argentine musician and composer, spoke like this about music.

77. Music starts where the language ends

ETA Hoffmann, in a thought that went around the world.

78. It's extraordinary how powerful bad music is

When something sounds wrong, our ears complain. Reflection of Noel Coward.

79. Hell is full of amateur musicians

In line with the previous one.

80. In music it is perhaps where the soul comes closer to the great end for which it struggles when it feels inspired by the poetic feeling: the creation of supernatural beauty

Phrase of the writer Edgar Allan Poe.

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me (May 2024).

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