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The 68 best phrases of Andy Warhol, the father of Pop Art

The 68 best phrases of Andy Warhol, the father of Pop Art

April 20, 2024

Many are the phrases of Andy Warhol that, throughout his life and his career as an artist, have remained for history. This American creator, famous for being one of the fathers of Pop Art, wanted to project what worried the ordinary citizen, to reflect the tastes of society and to enhance the criticism of the American consumer model.

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The most famous Andy Warhol phrases

His real name was Andrew Warhola, and he did not leave anyone indifferent. From a Slovak emigrant family that arrived in the United States of America fleeing the constant conflicts on European soil, this author grew and studied by and for art He specialized in plastic painting and decided to question the dominant paradigm through his works.

Next we will see some of Andy Warhol's most outstanding phrases to understand how one of the referents of modernist art thought.

1. In Europe, people like to trade. Americans do not have as much interest in selling. What they really like is to buy

Andy Warhol was inspired by the rise of American consumerism to develop his art.

2. You have to do things that ordinary people do not understand because those are the only good things

If you look for surprise, you have to do something different.

3. I have decided to trade really stinking things. Soon they would become successful in a massive market that stinks

Another demonstration of the consumption model that was expanding in the developed world, at the beginning of the welfare state.

4. Buying is much more American than thinking

A harsh criticism of American society.

5. I never wanted to be a painter; I wanted to be a tap dancer

Fate may end up being what we did not expect.

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6. Why do people think that artists are special? It's just another job

Andy always wanted to keep his feet on the ground despite his overwhelming success.

7. I do not call myself a director, it's the film that is directed by itself

Everything the author did, he did it with passion and naturalness .

8. I have decided to make only conventional films with many plants

He always wanted to get out of the commercial trend.

9. I consider that any photograph taken by a camera is good

Andy Warhol did not specialize in his art. I was always looking for something different.

10. I think I read too many comics

As often happens with many graphic artists, the comics served as inspiration.

11. It is complex to reflect things as they are today and the way they actually pass

Plasmating reality with art is complex.

12. I think women are better than men

A good way to highlight the moral qualities of women, very questioned in the mid-twentieth century.

13. The city is much better in summer

As in any place, summer is always a moment of good feelings.

14. I do not say bad words

The correction in the treatment of others was something that characterized him most of the time.

15. I was always more interested in the old "Factory". There were better vibrations there

Andy Warhol was inspired by the old school to create the modern one.

16. I have a social illness. I have to go out every night

One of Andy Warhol's phrases that reflect his way of living leisure.

17. The world fascinates me

Warhol always observed and analyzed what was around him.

18. Inspiration is television

Telecommunications, and television in particular, were a revolutionary product in their time.

19. I do not see anything wrong with being alone, it feels very good for me

To know to be alone is to love oneself.

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20. I hate museums because it makes things important that really do not mean anything

Very critical with a fairly homogeneous culture system worldwide.

21. I just ran out of ideas

As with any artist, inspiration fades over the years.

22. I just give them a reason for the magazine cover and then I run out to hide again

Surprise, call attention, was what Andy Warhol always pursued.

23. Most of my time is trying to wake up in the "morning"

He was not a good early riser.

24. Working is what inspires me to follow

He was a very dedicated and fulfilling person with his own cause.

25. I always wanted to make things look one way, I never thought that I would end up becoming this

Sometimes things go exactly as we do not plan.

26. I just try to make people remember those people for what they really were

Reaching the ordinary citizen, ordinary people, was the final goal of this artist.

27. I want people to remember that for what they worked and worshiped

The art of the masses was how the project of this man was defined.

28. I do not want to make the world a self-destructive place, I just want to make it better

Criticism and satire are the best remedy to evolve.

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29. I want people to buy my work, analyze it, study it, keep it and then sell it

More than commercial success, Andy Warhol sought social success.

30. I think everything should be recycled, even my art

Already in his time he was an advanced man.

31. All my movies are comedy

Many times he tried to put a touch of humor to his works, although sometimes it did not seem so.

32. We went out to buy some meat in California, I bought a camera and that's how my movies started

The chance turned Andy Warhol into a great artist.

33. I do not call myself a genius, things come to me without thinking

Warhol always avoided the evils of fame.

34. As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it

Obsession denies desire.

35. The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will

His works still survive in time , and are a role model for future generations.

36. It is not what you are that counts, it is what you think you are

We have to be what we think we are.

37. Beauty is a sign of intelligence

Curious phrase that related two concepts so metaphysically different.

38. Communicating is a fairly simple art. What can be devilishly difficult is to make people listen to you

You can be a good artist and not succeed. You have to know how to reach people.

39. Making money is art and work is art and good business is the best art

It is not easy to earn money even being a good artist.

40. People should fall in love with closed eyes

This phrase by Warhol meant that the physical image prevails over the emotional .

41. I do not want to be smart, because being smart depresses you

Blunt phrase of the artist.

42. The earth is really the best art

Andy Warhol was an advocate of Mother Nature.

43. Everyone needs a fantasy

Life is very serious so as not to indulge in illusion.

44. If you're not trying to be real, you do not have to do it right. That is art

Art defined it as something out of our everyday , like something fancy.

45. Do not pay attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches

A very subtle way to fit the opinions of others.

46. ​​Commercial art is much better than art for art's sake

He was an artist, but also a great businessman. He did what he sold.

47. I want to be a machine

Andy Warhol criticized many times the complexity of the rational human being.

48. I am a deeply shallow person

With this phrase he recognizes that he was not a devotee of art either.

49. I think everyone should be kind to everyone

Being good with the people around us will provide us with well-being.

50. I wonder if it is possible to have a love story that lasts forever

Another phrase that digs up the mysteries of love between two people .

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51. They always say that time changes things, but in fact you have to change them yourself

Everything depends on us, not on crcumstancias.

52. An artist is someone who produces things that people do not need to have

With this phrase reaffirms the idea of ​​what commercial art can be.

53. I think it would be great if everyone was the same

Andy Warhol was so contradictory at times.

54. No matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop

You have to keep going, always.

55. I'm afraid of feeling happy because it never lasts

Are we more prepared to suffer than to enjoy?

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56. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that are never found

The emotion is in the different of things, according to this phrase.

57. With my trembling hand I would have become a natural artist

Andy Warhol had some difficulties in his extremities.

58. In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes

A more than accurate prediction. Social networks are a good example.

59. Pop art is for everyone

As if it were a political party, Andy did what people wanted to see.

60. Why do people spend their time being sad when they could be happy?

In this sentence, emphasis is placed on the unhappiness of the human being.

61. Art is what can get away with it

Curious way to define art with this phrase.

62. I think everyone should like everyone

Love for others was an important point for Warhol.

63. I never think that people die. They only go to department stores

This phrase by Andy Warhol describes what it meant to the artist, his concept of life after death.

65. I want people to buy my work, analyze it, study it, keep it and then sell it

The artist was so particular when explaining his motivations.

66. I think everything should be recycled, even my art

Nothing lasts and should not last forever.

67. All my movies are comedy

He dedicated himself briefly to the world of cinema.

68. We went out to buy some meat in California, I bought a camera and that's how my movies started

Curious phrase to explain his beginnings in the world of entertainment.

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