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Why study Psychology? 10 points that you should value

Why study Psychology? 10 points that you should value

March 31, 2024

Studying Psychology is, for many people, one of the most attractive options when it comes time to consider what university studies to pursue. It is something that can be easily verified by seeing that, year after year, the Psychology degree is one of the most demanded year after year.

Many people like to read about it, but maybe they just do not feel comfortable thinking about practicing as psychologists. In other cases, the vocation is clear and completing the career is considered as the means to achieve accreditation as a specialist.

Should I study Psychology? Do I want to be a psychologist? ...

But, Why do you want to study Psychology? Is it because of what this career really offers, or because of aspects that are not very related to the university that you associate in an irrational way with this type of studies?

To solve why you want to study Psychology, you will have to think about your motivations and reasons. To try to help you in this reflection, we have prepared this complete post , so we recommend you keep reading.

If you want to decide to start some studies and still have doubts about whether to study Psychology or choose another option, here we propose 10 reasons to motivate you (or maybe not) to take your path in the science of behavior and mental processes.

And, why not: you may also wonder where you can study this career. To solve this second question, you can consult our ranking of the best universities:

"The 10 best universities to study Psychology in Spain"

1. How long will it take me to be a psychologist?

The psychology degree usually has an academic duration of between four and five years. But nevertheless, each person has a different rhythm and it is possible that, depending on your motivation, abilities and time available, you will be able to finish it in less time, or that you will have an extra year to complete and receive your diploma.

Studying psychology requires dedication: How much time can you dedicate?

2. Is the Psychology career very difficult?

Take each semester of the race It will require a lot of determination, effort and ability to overcome . You will have to read many books, articles and documents to be able to analyze, interpret and understand the complexity of the psyche, behavior and interpersonal relationships. Everything has a price, but the knowledge that you will develop well is worth it. A psychologist must know how to understand the human mind and then try to influence people in a positive way.

If you want to start entering the subject to go assessing if you like to study Psychology, Here I leave you a couple of light articles that summarize issues that you will study in the race :

  • "10 psychological phenomena that will surprise you"
  • "8 psychological myths that already have a scientific explanation"

In addition, we have recently developed a list with Facebook groups where you can learn, in an entertaining way and without leaving your favorite social network, many things about psychology and neurosciences:

  • "The 10 best Facebook groups to learn Psychology"

3. Will I be able to deal with the problems of others?

During your psychology studies you will have to perform professional practices that will help you assess if you feel fit and comfortable to deal professionally with other people , since they are roles that are often shocking and it is difficult to know if one is prepared until the moment you expose yourself to practice.

However, these practices take place in the last years of the degree or degree of psychology. Study psychology during the race will allow you to go observing what your skills are .

4. What are the career outcomes of Psychology?

People outside of psychology often think of the profession of psychology as the strictly linked to the clinical psychologist or the psychoanalyst , performing therapy to patients lying on the couch. You have to know that the professional fields of the psychologist are not limited to this, but also include performance in organizations (as a manager of human resources, for example), social psychology, research, psychology specialized in some disorder or characteristic particular, teaching ... Therefore, if you start studying psychology, you should know that the possible departures are numerous .

Compulsory reading:

  • "Psychologists: what they do and how they help people
  • "The 12 types of psychologists"

If you want to go deeper into some of the work fields of Psychology, here are some links so you can draw your own conclusions about each one and you can outline your Professional future .

  • "What is social psychology?"
  • "Educational Psychology: definition, concepts and theories"
  • "What is Sports Psychology?"
  • "Psychology in the gym: being a Fitness Coach"
  • "The role of Psychology in emergencies and disasters"
  • "Criminal psychology and forensic psychology: similarities and differences"

I will complete this list every time we take new articles for the blog talking about a professional field that psychologists practice.

5. Are a psychologist's income high?

Many people believe that practicing as a psychologist is the salvation of economic problems and, although many psychologists make a good living, the truth is that others fail to channel their knowledge towards stable sources of income.

Almost any profession can be profitable to the extent that you can have a stable job, dedicate yourself body and soul to her , try to perfect your knowledge and exercise it with responsibility and ethics. It never hurts, however, a small dose of luck and take some risks.

6. Study Psychology to "feel better", is it a good idea?

If your intention is to start studying psychology and you realize that you are only interested in this subject to try to understand yourself better, maybe you should rethink things . Sometimes it is preferable to read a good self-help book, attend a workshop or consult a psychotherapist and start a therapy if necessary.

If you only focus the interest of the knowledge that you acquire in your own person, you may be confusing the goal of the race , and probably you will not be able to connect with many of the subjects, nor with professional practice as a psychologist.

7. Where should I find out?

Internet can be a very useful tool when looking for information about the career of psychology, to be able to guide you and make a final decision. But also It is convenient that you look for more personal and reliable sources of information : go one day to the psychology faculty where you would like to study, there they will be able to advise and inform you much better.

They can guide you for reflections on why study psychology, and on the content of the career. The study plans differ greatly between universities, apart from the fact that each country usually prioritizes some knowledge or others. Ask everything you want to know, the staff of the university is there for that.

8. Is it a good idea to seek advice from professionals?

If it is a good idea. If you want to better understand how a psychologist works (whatever the scope), also It is recommended that you gather information about testimonies that can advise you and solve your doubts.

Also, if you know someone who practices as a psychologist, do not hesitate to ask him: it is very likely that he has no problem in guiding you and explaining everything that can help you from your personal experience. In Psychology and Mind we like to make things easy for you: recently we have interviewed the psychologist Leocadio Martín to talk about the profession . Hopefully this reading will help:

  • Leocadio Martín: "As a psychologist, the main virtue is the passion to learn and help"

9. Am I too old to study Psychology?

If you are very convinced to start studying psychology, do not hesitate and sign up . Many people end up letting time pass because those around you discourage you from starting to study, for one reason or another ("you are too old for that"; "why study psychology if you already have a stable job"; "study law or business best"…).

Remember that if four or five years are a problem, also There is the option to study a master's degree or free postgraduate . In any case, do not let influence in your final decision the fact that other people arrogate to themselves the right to express their opinion on what you should or should not do. If you believe in it, do it.

10. I have started to study Psychology and I have realized that it is not my thing, what do I do?

In case you started to study the race and still you still have a sea of ​​unsolved doubts, do not wait long to do it , since it is preferable that you realize that it is not your thing when you are starting that when there are only a few months to finish.

Anyway, studying a career does not necessarily imply having to exercise on what has been studied , and many people conclude their studies successfully and then their professional practice goes another way, or for one that is only indirectly related to their training. Undoubtedly, in any case the psychology degree will help you both personally and professionally.

If you want to get the most out of your Psychology studies, it seems essential that you consult our Guide for students :

  • "I want to be a psychologist" - 10 keys to successfully complete a Psychology degree

11. And when the race is over ... what do I do?

There are multiple professional opportunities for when you have finished your Degree or Degree. Postgraduate courses, Masters, Specializations ... the important thing is that you know what you want to dedicate your time to and that you train yourself conscientiously and betting on a rigorous training.

For example, if you are looking for a Master's degree to study, we have created this list for you:

  • "The 20 best Masters in Psychology"

How to start the university career?

There are several options to obtain a university degree in Psychology, and that is why some people find it difficult to choose. In addition, there are those who have it complicated to live away from a psychology faculty, and who prefers not to see their schedules conditioned by the classes.

In these cases, a university that offers an online degree or degree is usually the best option. The International University of Valencia , for example, offers a Degree in Psychology in which the advantages of Internet learning are combined with classroom practices in real work contexts, and with the possibility of obtaining mentions in Health Psychology or in Legal and Forensic.

In the event that you want to do the race only in person, you will also find very good options throughout the Spanish territory. Remember that you can always visit the facilities to be sure that you like the study environment, and that you already study in physical classrooms or in online format, it is best to check the offer of subjects.

Is a Psychology Degree for Me? (March 2024).

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