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Bald men attract more women, according to science

Bald men attract more women, according to science

April 16, 2024

A topic that is frequently talked about is whether physical attractiveness is important or not when it comes to flirting. And, specifically, what kind of physical features are most attractive .

Evidently, each person has their own tastes and not everyone is fixed on the same things, but there is always something that catches the attention of that special someone: their intelligence, their signs of affection, their beard or their nails ... Yes, your bald!

According to a recently published study, Hairless men are more attractive to women, as they give a greater image of masculinity, power, strength and leadership .

So ... does the physical really matter when it comes to flirting?

Answering the question of whether the physicist matters when it comes to flirting is difficult, because not everyone thinks the same about it and attraction is subjective. The truth is that it is important that someone attracts us, but the attraction can be understood not only by the physical. For example, it may be the need that makes a person attractive to us. If we need affection and that special someone gives it to us, we can see it with different eyes overnight.

If we take a walk around us we will see that not necessarily the physical attractiveness is what unites people, because there are people who are extremely attractive physically and their partner is not. For that individual there must be something attractive in his partner , but it would not be with him or her (unless it is for interest ...). The same makes him laugh, he touches his emotional side like nobody else, he has an overwhelming personality or they share a hobby that for both of them is a great passion.

And is that the opinions regarding the question of whether the physical is important at the time of linking can vary from one person to another. You can check it in in this video that is shown below:

Bald men are more attractive

Although physical appearance is not everything when it comes to having a relationship, science seems to say that bald people are more attractive. This may seem contradictory to what some men think of baldness.

If hair loss and alopecia are two of the great concerns of most men , this process of mourning can be cushioned by results such as an investigation according to which, in reality, people without hair on their heads are in luck. Not only do they not have to comb their hair or spend money on wax, they also have a great "sex appeal".

The research was conducted by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. According to the conclusions, men with shaved heads are perceived as more manly, dominant and protective.

Study data

To reach these conclusions, the director of the research, the psychologist Albert Mannes, carried out a study called "Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance" that was divided into three phases:

In the first of the experiments, the researcher had a sample of 60 women They analyzed a series of images in which different men appeared: some with hair on their heads, others with little hair and others with shaved heads. Women claimed that men without hair gave a greater image of authority, influence and power.

In the second of the experiments, a series of photographs of men with hair was retouched thanks to an image-editing program. Then the photographs with hair were shown, followed by the photographs without hair. The participants perceived that men without hair were more powerful and, in addition, taller and stronger .

In the last phase, the volunteers received written descriptions that indicated the physical attributes of different individuals. Those without hair were evaluated as more masculine, leaders, strong and, ultimately, more attractive.

Women prefer hard guys

Science also seems to claim that hard boys are more attractive. This concludes a study carried out by G. Carter, A. Campbell and S. Muncer in 2013. For this research, the group of researchers counted on 128 women between 18 and 36 years old.

Participants attended a presentation featuring a series of men, some with Dark Triad personality traits (narcissists, Machiavellians and psychopaths) and others without these traits. The women said that the guys with Dark Triad traits were more attractive.

This, according to some researchers, may be due to the fact that these traits are associated with greater capacities when it comes to making the family thrive in hostile environments in which resources are scarce.It may not be useful in certain contexts to have such a couple, but in terms of the chances of having subsistence minimums, it could be a valid viable reproductive strategy if instead of having a dream relationship you look for a minimum .

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The bald and bearded men: total attraction

Today it is common to see many shaved and bearded men. According to the previous data, men without hair are more attractive, but ... and men with beards? The beard is a trend and that is why many men let it grow. Such is the boom of the beards that there are many hairdressing centers that offer products for their care .

The scientific data seems to indicate that men with beards are also very attractive and link more than men without facial hair. At least, this is what a study by the psychologists Barnaby Dixon and Bob Brooks, conducted at South Wales University and published in Evolution & Human Behavior.

If you want to know more about this finding, you can visit our article: "Men with beards are more attractive and link more, according to a study"

Bald Men & Shaved Heads( Attract More Women) (April 2024).

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