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The 70 best sentences of Sean Penn

The 70 best sentences of Sean Penn

May 16, 2023

Sean Penn (born in 1960) is a California actor born in Santa Monica.

In his outstanding career as an interpreter, Sean Penn has managed to win two Oscars for his appearance in two unforgettable films: Mystic River (2003) and Milk (2009). He has also participated in films directed by Brian de Palma and other great directors of the time.

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Phrases by Sean Penn, a unique actor

In today's article Let's get to know better the personality and thoughts of this magnificent interpreter through the best sentences of Sean Penn .

1. I like to believe that love is a reciprocal thing, that you really can not really feel.

Your ethical proposal about this feeling.

2. Only in innocence do you find any kind of magic, any kind of courage.

That's why he understands kids' minds so well.

3. If you can not count on your heart to have some kind of unified response, you can not count on anything. You use your heart as a barometer to complete the movie.

A unique and personal way to round off a beautiful story.

4. In summary, I will say that it was an approach to the family and the author Jon Krakauer, which led me to look like the top of the bunch of several filmmakers who were trying to obtain the rights. And I refer to the top of the pile in terms of being someone who was entrusted to do so, since they said they were going to try to do it and that this way of doing it would be something they would be willing to allow.

About an episode of his professional life.

5. The end result is that you love your wife, you make your best effort with that.

About love and marriage.

6. That on a romantic level, if you feel it for someone and it is pure, it means that they do it too.

About the feeling of love.

7. There is no shame when I say that we all want to be loved.

It's like that, no matter how hard a guy looks.

8. I think it is a good time for those who voted for the prohibition of gay marriage to sit down and reflect and anticipate their great shame and shame in the eyes of their grandchildren if they continue with that form of support. We must have the same rights for all.

Your ideological position about gay marriage.

9. Well, I'm pretty anti-legend, I just do not think they're useful. Then that certainly would not be my intention. But will it contribute to that? Of course. Any medication can be misused. But I think there is great courage, innocence and magic for him, that more than a legend is about the connection.

A reflection by Sean Penn that allows us to think long and hard.

10. Mediocrity is celebrated a lot and many wonderful things are ignored or discouraged.

The favor of the public is usually quite unfair.

11. A child has a fever in the United States and is high and sustainable enough, we can all take a child to an emergency room. The majority of Haitians never had that opportunity. They did not have the emergency room to take them. Virtually every time your child has a fever, he waits for her to die and does not have clean water to give her.

On the differences between the first world and the Caribbean country, one of the poorest on the planet.

12. So, if we have something original to offer, it is talking about our own life about the society in which we find ourselves.

Each biography is unique and has great added value.

13. I think we all have light and darkness inside of us.

We are capable of the best and the worst.

14. I will not recommend imprudence, but somewhere, proving oneself and proactively seeking a rite of initiation has become necessary because in Western developed countries we have become very addicted to comfort.

A phrase about how to get out of the comfort zone.

15. The sense of self, and the way one shares it, is perhaps the most valuable and poetic gift in the arsenal of one's life and art.

Self-consciousness, in other words.

16. If there is something unpleasant in the movie business, it is the fornication of my classmates.

The promiscuity behind the scenes has always been commented.

17. I will not have a better day, a more magical moment than the first time I heard my daughter laugh.

Sean Penn remembers this moment with great nostalgia.

18. Regardless of what one considers art to be, in many people there is a desire to express oneself creatively and to feel authentic in doing so.

Maybe that's what the artistic fact is based on.

19. I believe that life is an irrational obsession.

No one in their right mind would want to stay here long.

20. I'm not good at talking to strangers, whether they are sick children or they are, I'm just not good at all. I'm shy with that.

About his introverted personality

twenty-one.I have lost the taste for acting

In 2018 he talked like this about his satiety towards the world of cinema.

22. The first instinct is love.

The instinct that invites us to reproduce.

23. There is the old idea that where there are options, there is chaos, and where there is no other option, there is clarity. If you have no other choice, you must be there, and you must have your heart in it. It leads to a much less self-conscious life.

Great reflection on the possibilities in life.

24. Putting something in a movie because it's in the news is not political for me. A good movie is something political.

If you do not have a message, an idea, it's not worth it.

25. I would do anything to get a performance, without malice.

A paper is a paper.

26. I just want real creative freedom without worrying about, you know, car payments.

What I give to live and pay bills.

27. I think you start to prepare the moment you read something.

Talking about reading scripts.

28. I really love making movies.

His devotion to cinema was extraordinary.

29. Well, the kind of central question: "Do you want to live, and I do not mean to stay alive? Do you want to feel your life while you're living it?" You know, there's a place to go that was here before us and it's going to be here after us, so get out there. You do not need someone who has a self-important sense of their own attachment to nature to recognize that you are simply stupid if you do not go out.

The importance of living to the fullest.

30. Raising children is my main interest now. I am a practical father.

A phrase from Sean Penn about his priority in life: the education of his children.

31. As a foreign worker in Haiti, speaking for myself, speaking on behalf of the workers, our organization is 95% Haitian, but even the foreign workers who drive have had minimal safety problems.

About the Caribbean country.

32. I do not want to lie, play games, hurt someone or hurt myself. You can only move in one direction.

Honesty only has one way.

33. I do not read newspapers too much, just because they tend to make me feel that I have a political obligation that I think is a distraction from what my political offers will be if I only make my films.

A reflection on his political position and the mediatization of the news.

34. I do not see myself as a different man than I was ten years ago. I have no aspirations to be. It is about where you are putting your energies. That is changing a lot.

Sean Penn looks back and reflects on how his identity has remained more or less intact over time.

35. I am a bit afraid of words like maturity.

An opinion about the concept of maturity, linked to the concept of responsibility and loss of freedom.

36. In a movie, it is always better to remain invisible as much as possible to stay calm. I like to whisper to my cameraman, I like to whisper to my actors and to any other person to whom I have whispered something.

About maintaining a subtle quality when it comes to working as an actor.

37. I do not see life as an opportunity to see how far you can go in the search for pain, although I think I have challenged it a bit.

The rejection of a tragic interpretation of life.

38. Reputations are maintained by the outside world, and are also created by him, in general. And they serve as a hell of a device for privacy, because the more people look for something that is not there, the less likely they are to know who you are. It's like going out with a mask on, without having to exercise your upper body to put it on.

A reflection on privacy.

39. You always have to live longer to feed something new. It is an obligation for you and the audience. The personal baggage that comes with being a well-known actor adds to that struggle.

The experience provides psychological wealth.

40. I think this is a big world full of men, women and children who struggle to eat, love, work, protect their families, their beliefs and their dreams.

A positive perception of the families of the world.

41. Try to do your best for what you get paid.

Focusing on what motivates us is the way to progress better.

42. The two films I made, wrote and directed, occupy a special place for you.

A personal appreciation of the actor's professional experience.

43. All I need are some tasty waves, a cool rumor, and I'm fine.

An ideal landscape to relax.

44. I have no particular emotion about working with a specific director or actor at this time.

There is not always an emotional burden associated with work collaborating with someone.

45. I think that if you want good things to happen for a country like Haiti, then you must provide the circumstances in which Haitians can do it.

Beyond the will are the material possibilities of carrying out useful measures.

46. ​​There is a kind of feeling of truth and reconciliation that is not formalized, but that is understood and accepted. Haitians are Haitians and there is an inherent loyalty that forgives a lot.

About that which is not questioned.

47I think I have not yet succeeded in playing the role of the retired actor, and I would like to work on that.

Another curiosity of this actor.

48. I'm a big fan of Woody Allen. Good movie, bad movie, it does not matter, I just like his movies.

A type of films that have their own quality scale.

49. The only thing you can count on in Hollywood, in general, is cowardice.

The vocation to be commercial leads to a lack of honesty and commitment, according to this artist.

50. Everything I could do with those experiences certainly contributes to everything I can do as a director. The corruption in that is that most of what I did in the last 10 years was stealing the time from the film school of these guys. Those were the people that I thought I could learn as a director.

Learning works in two ways.

51. The advice you give young directors is to go out and become a version of a successful film actor. Do that first and say yes to people like Terrence Malick, Clint Eastwood and Woody Allen when they come to offer you films. It's a great front-row seat to make movies.

About the beginnings in the industry.

52. I do not think there are climate skeptics. I think there are people who give themselves to a culture of what can be reduced to the Fox network's thinking. That has nothing to do with the policy that is applied to the protection of the quality of life in any sense. It's like talking to a member of a cult.

Critical to a way of thinking depending on the big headlines.

53. When you act in a movie, you are inevitably surrounded by people you did not choose, even the painter. I like to be able to choose the family that I am waking up to in the morning that will make this group strive to tell a story that applies to what is interesting for me at that stage of my life.

You do not have decision-making power over everything that happens.

54. If you are willing to put two thoughts in an image, then you are already ahead of the game.

About the creative process of telling stories.

55. At this stage, what would be rewarding would be that the audiences would like to watch.

Opinion about the motivations of the general public.

56. I regret that my interview with El Chapo has not unleashed the debate about the war on drugs.

One of Sean Penn's phrases that refer to his views on the impact of his work.

57. It is a close-up of my feelings. That place moves me. And I do not mean my country; It is part of our shared natural world that turns out to be particular to the feeling of where my inclinations come from to tell stories and my own history of being a kind of rat and traveling.

About a common homeland

58. I have never been one of those who feel what they call stage fright.

A curiosity about Sean Penn's way of being.

59. I can live better as an actor than as a director. Although I would certainly prefer to direct movies.

Two professions that provide different inducements.

60. I love acting, really my favorite people are the actors.

About the relationship between pleasure and the work of this actor.

61. I'll tell you what I'd probably prefer to happen less and less: actors I know and respect in shampoo ads. Or modeling.

Personal opinion about the public image of colleagues by profession.

62. Fulfilling what you start is the reason you start something.

A way of seeing what motivates us.

63. I can always see the light in any situation. It's just the way I'm made.

Sean Penn talks about his propensity for optimism.

64. In any film in which I participate, I say what I think.

Statement of intentions based on honesty.

65. What is very close in the process is writing and acting, not directing. Directing is very different.

A way to classify different creative works in the world of cinema.

66. I do not think you can get away with yours by depositing your talents on the toilet bowl and without them leaving.

Use your own artistic gifts to create mediocre products.

67. There are not many good movies being made.

An opinion about the current state of cinema.

68. Marriage is not easy, but it's great most of the time.

About the life in common between two lovers.

69. Sacrificing American soldiers or innocent civilians in an unprecedented preemptive strike against a separate sovereign nation may well prove a more temporary medicine.

Approaches against war and unnecessary deaths.

70. I lost a friend I was lucky to have. My thoughts are with the family of President Chávez and the people of Venezuela.

One of the samples of how far Sean Penn has not remained outside the policy in his statements.

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