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Types of kisses: the 9 different kisses and their meaning

Types of kisses: the 9 different kisses and their meaning

May 2, 2024

Both giving and receiving a kiss is one of those sensations that are capable of giving you goosebumps , especially if it is given to you by the person you want to be with. A kiss is a universal act that expresses love and affection, and there are various types, from those that are given to greet to those that reach deep into your heart. A kiss can mean so much and, depending on the moment and the person who gives it to you, it can be a unique and magical experience.

The kisses make us connect with the other person and, both the romantic kisses and the passionate ones They express very deep feelings that allow us to connect with the other person, with their intimacy . Some poets affirm that kisses are the expression of the soul. In today's article we are going to review the different types of kisses.

What are kisses good for?

We have all kissed and kissed each other, but you have asked yourself: What are kisses good for? Do they have any use? Some evolutionary psychologists believe that kissing another person is based on genetics, that is, we are predisposed to it.

According to his theory, kisses have a primordial function in the perpetuation of the human species and help us to survive for different reasons, for example, by strengthening ties with other individuals.

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Types of kisses

But what types of kiss are there? What do they mean? Kisses are of many types. In today's article we have prepared a list of the nine types of kisses.

1. Eskimo kiss

The Eskimo kiss is a kind of kiss in which people do not touch their lips, but rather make one's nose come in contact with the nose of the other . But what is the origin of the Eskimo kiss? Because the Eskimos live in very cold areas, they run the risk that when they come into contact with the other person's saliva, the lips will be sealed by the ice.

Obviously this can be very painful if you try to separate. Because, They use the Eskimo kiss as a show of affection . On the other hand, the word that designates the Eskimo kiss in their language also refers to smell. For the action of the Eskimo kiss not only consists of the rubbing of the noses, but the Eskimos also smell their cheeks.

2. Kiss on the forehead

The kiss on the forehead It is a kiss of admiration and respect and it is an incredible demonstration of tenderness and protection. It can occur between friends, between parents and children and even between members of the couple. It is not a frequent kiss, peror expresses a lot because it bares the soul and gives very positive feelings .

3. French kiss

The French kiss It is one of the most popular and popular, it is the one that is associated with romanticism and passion. It is called a French kiss to that kiss in which the tongues of kisses interact For that reason, also it receives the name of kiss with tongue. Undoubtedly, when what one person feels for another is a strong feeling, this kiss is the expression of the great love they feel for each other.

4. Kiss on the cheek

The kiss on the cheek It is a classic that, although it can have many meanings, usually used to say hello . There are cultural differences in this type of kiss. For example, in Spain, when two people greet each other, they usually kiss each other on the cheek. In contrast, in the Netherlands, instead of two, three kisses are given. In any case, it is usually a kiss of pure cultural conventionalism, and is used to greet oneself.

It is also true that there may be kisses on the cheeks that have another meaning, for example between two people in love, who want to convey their love in this way.

5. Kiss in the hand

The kiss in the hand It is a kiss that expresses respect and admiration. In a more formal environment, surely the meaning of this kiss is elegance, education and respect . It has been a kiss historically used among the gallants of the cinema to seduce the ladies of the big screen. It can also be an act of tenderness.

6. Kiss with the beak

The famous "Piquito" or "peak" it's a kiss in which the lips of the two people come into contact but languages ​​do not interact. It can be a friendly peak or a French pre-kiss. In this case, it may mean that one of the two people wants to go little by little. In any case it is usually a sign of physical attraction between two people.

7. Kiss on the ear

This is one of the kisses that most stimulate the erogenous zones of the other person. Therefore, the kiss in the ear It is usually used as a preliminary game when the goal is to have intimate relationships. It is one of the most passionate and intimate kisses .

8. Kiss on the neck

Like the kiss on the ear, the kiss on the neck is another of those aphrodisiac kisses that make the other person prepare for intimate relationships . When the passion is very strong, it can end in a "hickey", which is that terrible red mark that remains on the neck after the kiss.

9. Kiss to the air

The kiss to the air usually go hand in hand and you can even use both. It may be that, in addition, it simulates that the kiss is picked up in the hand and then blow away. This Kiss it expresses that the person leaves, and although the distance does not allow him to give a kiss with physical contact, the emotion of the kiss is present .

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