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9 curious side effects of falling in love

9 curious side effects of falling in love

June 17, 2024

The intense emotions and passion of falling in love often affect the mind and body, both in the way we express ourselves and the way we walk.

Love is a very complex emotion that intoxicates us and that alters our way of seeing reality. Why do we fall in love and what happens in our body and in our mind when we feel this way? There are many scientific studies that have tried to shed light on this issue.

Side effects of falling in love: what are they?

In a previous article, the psychologist Jonathan García-Allen explained to us the chemical alterations produced by love.

The following list explores these strange effects in which you will find more than one curiosity. Are you ready to know some unknown facts about love and falling in love?

1. Love alters concentration

Several investigations have proven that l People who are deeply in love have more difficulty carrying out tasks that require attention and concentration .

"When you start a relationship, most people notice that it is more difficult to maintain attention on tasks, since they use a large proportion of cognitive resources in thinking about their lover," says researcher Henk van Steenbergen in an article. , from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands.

2. Love fills you with euphoria

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows this. When we are in love, the same neural networks that are linked to psychotropic substances are activated in the brain , causing this state of euphoria and loss of the notion of time and reality.

"During the infatuation, it is possible to feel an intense exaltation, similar to those experienced when consuming psychoactive substances," says Lucy Brown, professor of neurology at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York.

3. Love makes you less sensitive to pain

"Some of the areas of the brain that are activated by an emotion of intense love are the same regions that drugs activate to reduce the sensation of pain," according to Arthur Aron, a professor of psychology at Stony Brook University in New York.

Aron also argues that The simple act of holding the hand of the person you love activates certain brain areas that mitigate the pain .

4. Love makes you slow down

Men are affected in their pace of step to walk for love. Several investigations detected that Men adapt their pace to walk to adjust to the pace of their partner , a phenomenon that does not occur when a man walks with a friend.

5. The rhythm of the heartbeat is paced with those of the lover

Several investigations suggest that, in the company of the loved one, the heartbeat tend to synchronize between both . It seems a corny metaphor, but it's real.

6. The voice becomes more acute

Women speak in a finer voice when they talk to the men they find attractive . The same investigation found indications that lovers sometimes imitate the voice of their lover as an expression of affection and shared identity.

7. The blind crush

It has been shown that a person who has been thinking about his lover unconsciously unseen the sight of other attractive people . This phenomenon is known as unconscious attention bias .

8. Dilate the pupils

We tend to believe that the face is the mirror of the soul, but the truth is that the eyes reflect our mood much better. Recent studies suggest that Dilation of the pupils is associated with emotional states of great intensity , like falling in love.

9. Makes you more brave and reckless

The stories attest to a vast literature in which the male protagonists risk their lives to get their beloved. Certain studies have shown, with regard to this issue, thatmen are more predisposed to take serious risks to their physical integrity in order to conquer their partner (or to a potential lover).

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