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The 10 worst professions in the world, according to a study

The 10 worst professions in the world, according to a study

June 17, 2024

The situation to get a job has not been easy in recent years in Spain due to the economic recession. Faced with the inability to change the economic and political landscape, many people have lost their remuneration and quality of life in their work.

In fact, the situation has been so serious that many workers, those who kept their jobs, have suffered what is known as the survivor syndrome.

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An investigation carried out by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, showed that "in times of crisis, those who maintain their jobs increase the probability of suffering cardiovascular diseases by 5 times. Stress and burnout, low regard for workers, overwork, job insecurity ... are some of the causes.

An investigation reveals which are the worst professions in the world

Work is a vital need of human beings, because we can not live without having a minimum income that allows us to have a decent life. Sometimes, the need can lead us to choose jobs that we detest.

This is what made Francis T. McAndrew, a researcher at the Department of Psychology at Knox College in Galesburg (Illinois, United States), ask the question ... "What are the worst jobs in the world?" . To find out, it used a sample of 1,341 subjects from different countries, who were surveyed to find out what their perception was.

According to the results, the worst professions in the world are the following.

10. Writer

Writing can be fun and entertaining , and the people who dedicate themselves to it is because it is their great passion. But according to the respondents. Being a writer is an unprofitable job, unless you are a successful writer and sell millions of books.

9. Security guards

Although the security guards perform a great function and protect us in the necessary moments, they occupy the 9th position of this list. Surely, the cause of this is that it is a job that can be dangerous and that work can be very monotonous . Now, it is also possible that the fame of the disco doormen converts the employment of security guard into an unappetizing job.

8. Dustbin

The garbage collectors do a great job and their work is essential, useful and necessary. But nevertheless, Being constantly surrounded by garbage should not be very pleasant . For many, it is one of the most degrading jobs.

7. Goalkeeper

This job has nothing to do with the soccer player who is placed under the sticks to prevent his team from conceding goals , but refers to the building or residence porter. The porters are always there for us, and when he needs him to do him a favor, he goes quickly to ask for it. But, do you value him? It seems not.

6. Healing

The person who is a priest is because he loves the Lord and because he feels that his vocation is that, because few individuals want to dedicate their life to the church (at least in Spain). Surely the idea that the priest can not have sex has also influenced the decision of the respondents .

5. Taxi driver

You may like to travel and drive, but Being a taxi driver is a job very sacrificed in which you have to work many hours to achieve a decent salary . Another of those professions that you should love or, otherwise, you will hate.

4. Funeral director

Although this survey states that the job of Funeral Director is one of the worst jobs in the world, surely it is worse that he works as a mortician, that is, as a funeral attendant . It should not be very nice to be surrounded by the dead and to deal with people who are in the process of grieving.

3. Owner of a Sex Shop

It seems that the work of a sex shop owner is not to the liking of most people . It does not seem that it is a very hard and sacrificial work, and surely there will be worse occupations than this one. However, the results are what they are.

2. Taxidermist

Does anyone enjoy dissecting animals? Probably not . That is why the job of taxidermist is in the second position of this list. An unpleasant job.

1. Clown

When we were little we all liked the clown figure. But It seems that when we become adults, few of us would like to be . This is the worst profession in the world according to this research.

Other similar studies

This study has not been the only one that has been carried out to determine which are the worst professions in the world. According to an article published in the newspaper El País, the consultant CareerCast decided to develop a ranking with the worst five occupations in the labor market.

Different variables were taken into account, such as job stability, future projection, salary or stress levels. According to this consultant, the worst job is that of written media reporter . They are followed by the lumberjack, military, actor and oil worker.

And ... what is the worst profession that your partner can have?

A striking ranking is the one that developed the portal, which, they explain, is based on the opinion of a group of women. In her article she revealed what are the worst jobs a boyfriend can have in relation to infidelities, conflicts and difficulties for the consolidation of the relationship and the well-being of the couple. The list is headed by artists and musicians . According to this portal, these are very creative, emotional, romantic and expressive people. However, they can be emotionally unstable, which hinders the relationship from consolidating.

Another profession that puts partner relationships at risk is that of photographer or designer. These are also creative people like the previous ones. But despite how entertaining and fun this profession can be, it takes up a lot of time in a person's life, which can affect the relationship. In addition, it is a very poorly paid job.

As in the previous study, that is, the one prepared by CareerCast, writers and journalists usually have schedules and shifts that interfere with the couple's smooth running, and are profitable jobs. The chefs do not have it easy when it comes to having a partner , since, despite cooking very well, they have complicated shifts and a very exhausting job.

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