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40 beautiful and tender Christmas dedications

40 beautiful and tender Christmas dedications

June 13, 2024

Christmas is the time of family reunions and the Christmas spirit , a feeling of fraternity and solidarity that seems to be contagious during these days.

But, sometimes, this affection is not expressed only by gestures and speech; it can also be transmitted in written form.

The best Christmas dedications

Christmas is also the time of the Christmas dedications, those little vehicles through which we express affection. Here you can find a selection of these.

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1. If you go around the world looking for the spirit of Christmas, you will not find it. It hides in the heart of everyone

A Christmas dedication that goes to the essentials of these dates.

2. Christmas is not a time, but a state of mind, and I hope that the Christmas spirit is always present with you

Emphasizing the psychological aspect of Christmas and its lasting effects.

3. Do not lose the illusion at Christmas, because those who left us were the same ones who taught us how to live it

To avoid falling into the syndrome of the empty chair, nothing like seeing in positive what we left by people who are no longer.

4. This is the most wonderful time of year and I'll be happy to spend it with you

A celebration of the good that Christmas brings when it is spent in the company of the right people.

5. Christmas is the best time to be happy

A phrase that can even be used as an aphorism.

6. This Christmas you are my star

Christmas dedication and compliment in equal parts.

7. May peace reign in your house during these holidays

A more formal and traditional Christmas dedication.

8. Spend a very happy Christmas and extend this good wish to all

An invitation to continue feeding the good psychological effect of Christmas.

9. Christmas always you carry in your smile, so I'm glad that finally come the dates that are going to play

A dedication that also serves as praise.

10. This Christmas Eve the best place in the world will be your home, and it is an honor to spend that day

A preview of the Christmas celebration.

11. Do not dream your life, live your dream. Merry Christmas

An invitation to fulfill dreams.

12. At this time, I would like to share with you my best wishes: peace, love and health

Desiring the most important elements in life.

13. This Christmas is happier by your side

A simple and honest dedication that translates into gratitude for the company.

14. Christmas is lived as a family, it is sung together and celebrated with everyone

A description about the Christmas spirit.

15. When Christmas brings us together, no one is excluded, from the smallest to the largest they merge in a big hug

Celebrating the elements that unite us.

16. I wish that this Christmas you reach all the horizons that extend before your eyes

A phrase that affects that part of Christmas and the New Year that has to do with personal development.

17. The New Year is a 365-page blank book ... Turn every day a masterpiece

A creative way to see what these dates bring us.

18. That this Christmas be of peace, love and joy for all. May the new year find us renewed, and willing to undertake new projects

A complete dedication to wish the best.

19. Sometimes it comes to your life and in that moment you know that he was born to share moments with you. That's why I miss you so much this Christmas

Looking back and remembering the origins of a friendship, Christmas is lived better.

20. The best Christmas ornament is the smile, so here you have mine

Starting an accomplice smile can be achieved simply through a dedication of this type.

21. I did not know what to wear at Christmas, so I got fat. Happy Holidays

One of the Christmas dedications with more dose of humor.

22. That Christmas is a good omen and that the health it anticipates will reach us all

A desire about the good that is to come.

23. While reading this Christmas message you are receiving my best wishes, I hope that the spirit of Christmas will bring joy to your life

Another full dedication about the Christmas spirit and how it can be interpreted.

24. Live a happy Christmas in the company of your loved ones, and happy holidays

The wishes of a happy Christmas often go hand in hand with the desire to spend as a family.

25. Do not think that I have forgotten about you at this time, get a Merry Christmas for you and yours

A very useful dedication to send it to acquaintances or people who have not seen it for a long time.

26. All people deserve a Christmas dedication at this time, and you are one of the most. Happy Holidays!

A joyful dedication in which the friendship and love that unites two people is highlighted.

27A little nougat is enough to spend Christmas, but a little of your friendship would feed me all my life

Friendship is one of the essential ingredients during these days.

28. Even if time passes quickly, Christmas leaves us eternal moments, and spending these dates with you is one of them

The ability of Christmas to leave a mark is recognized by many people.

29. That Christmas wraps you each year and fills you with peace and health together with those you love the most

A desire for prosperity and health.

30. Christmas brings joy to the sad, the poor and the sick. May your Christmas be everyone's Christmas!

Another almost-aphorism about Christmas.

31. Everything you would want for the new year is here before you even start: it's your company

Something as simple as the company can be a gift.

32. I hope the new year brings you everything you want, and the time it takes to enjoy it

The time to enjoy the good is often something we ignore, but this dedication also reflects this need.

33. Christmas is that sweet space where memories, hugs and laughter are radiant

A very poetic way of interpreting these dates.

34. I send you a Christmas hug that crosses all borders

A Christmas dedication to send to distant lands.

35. I wish a lot of happiness for you and for yours in these magical dates

A desire for health and happiness that embraces an entire family.

36. I hope to spend many more Christmases at your side; that idea is, in itself, the best gift

An advance of the joint celebration of Christmas.

37. Christmas only arrives once a year, but the trace of love and fraternity that it leaves lasts for many days. I wish you the best for these dates

Christmas is also what it leaves, as the phrase indicates.

38. Your smile is contagious, pass it on to everyone else and extend Christmas!

Happiness can be passed from one person to another with great ease, especially on specific dates.

39. I wish this Christmas Eve bring all the good things of life to your home

A Christmas dedication to refer to the whole family of a person.

40. Receive a warm hug to compensate for the cold of Christmas, enjoy everything else that these dates offer us

Even the Christmas cold has its good side.

If you’re missing someone this Christmas this song’s dedicated to you - The Piano Guys ft Craig Aven (June 2024).

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