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6 elements to consider for a healthier life

6 elements to consider for a healthier life

May 2, 2024

Between my years of training and education both in sports and in health they always ask me, ¿Álvaro, what is the most important thing when living a healthy life?

My answer is always the same, Eat well and exercise constantly no matter what sport you practice. Immediately afterwards, he comes to my other question: What if I'm almost out of sports?

Well, next I'll give you some tips for living a healthy life and balanced adequately. Regardless of whether or not you do physical exercise, these 6 tips will also help you.

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Live a healthier life: some keys to keep in mind

To keep you in better shape, nothing like dealing with the two main pillars that keep us healthy: food and exercise. Let's see how to take the first steps in that direction from these guidelines.

1. Each organism is a world

In my case, I'm allergic to coffee, so I have to always take it with something in my stomach, because if I do not do it nausea will be uncontrollable. In the same way it is important to understand that not everything we eat and do in our daily life has to serve all others, for that reason do not believe in someone who says "Look! They gave me the diet of the apple, my served me, take! "

It's important to put attention on each body has a genetic predisposed by hormonal levels , which will always be individual. Based on this it is important to say that there are several types of bodies:

  • Ectomorph : difficulty to gain weight, people with very low fat percentages all the time, but they are very very thin.
  • Mesomorph : there is no greater difficulty to gain muscle, but with all that muscle, some extra fat is normal.
  • Endomorph : they have great ease to gain weight, but with a higher fat percentage than the previous ones. Here I must make a clarification, the visible fat percentage in our body does not refer to blood cholesterol, since our body can look thin, but our LDL or HDL can be elevated, so it is important to go to a doctor to check our blood cholesterol regularly. It is also important to understand that metabolism can be changed with sports practice, so playing sports will help you move from being an endomorph to a mesomorph if you wish.

2. Look for sugars and unrefined carbohydrates

A baked potato can have the same carbohydrates as a candy, but never, they will be the same, since the natural sugars are not the same as the refined ones.

There are different types of carbohydrates , but we always have to flee to those who are refined since these have to be transformed into sugar quickly and this has to affect our organism as a general rule.

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3. There is no magic pill

Although the nutritional supplements are very good they are not the only answer, they will help you, but do not expect magic or from them, nor from any cream, operation or potion, since they will all have a flaw and these will look if you do not reinforce them with exercise routines .

4. Water is life

Water is what governs our digestion, heart rate, among many other functions in the body, so drinking water in proper conditions will help you even lose weight.

5. Love onion, garlic and ginger

These 3 elements are practically natural antibiotics that will help your body always be strong . In addition to that, ginger serves to lose weight in infusions and teas.

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6. Smile

Studies have shown that people who smile sincerely have better health than those who do not, so, smile, it's free !.

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