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The 30 best phrases John Stuart Mill

The 30 best phrases John Stuart Mill

June 24, 2024

This is a selection of phrases by John Stuart Mill, a key figure of utilitarianism . The latter is one of the most important moral philosophies of the nineteenth century, which states that what is useful is good and, therefore, the value of behavior is determined by its usefulness.

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The best phrases of John Stuart Mill

Since the ideas of John Stuart Mill were very influential, in the following lines we have prepared a compilation of his best quotes. The phrases of John Stuart Mill reflect his tendency toward liberal ideas based on equality before the law and the defense of individual rights.

1. Every duly educated human being has a sincere interest in the public good

John Stuart Mill is considered one of the greatest exponents of utilitarianism, which refers to the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

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2. The principle that everyone is the best judge of their own interests, interpreted as interpreted by the people who formulate those objections, would prove that governments should not fulfill any of the duties that are recognized, that is, that in reality They should not exist

A quote from this author that invites the reader to deep reflection.

3. Every man who is intelligent and generous enough to contribute his effort to the company, however small and insignificant, will obtain from the struggle itself a noble enjoyment that he will not be willing to sell for any selfish pleasure.

When one is intrinsically motivated , you do not need much to feel fulfilled.

4. In reference to God he once said something like this: Think of someone capable of populating hell or creating paradise.

Seeing the world, God is able to do both good and evil.

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5. Do as you would like them to do with you and love your neighbor as yourself

A piece of advice that makes reference to that we should not do to others what we do not want us to do to ourselves.

6. The value of a nation is nothing other than the value of the individuals that compose it

A nation is moved by the individuals that are part of it.

7. Originality is the only thing whose use can not be understood by vulgar spirits

The mechanical people do not give free rein to their originality, because that requires a little rigid mind.

8. Never, in truth, I vacillated in the conviction that happiness is the test of every rule of conduct and the end of life

For this author, The goal of every human being is the pursuit of happiness .

9. A democratic constitution that is not based on democratic institutions in its details, but is limited to the central government, not only is not political freedom, but often creates a spirit that is precisely the opposite, leading to the lowest layers of society the desire and ambition of political domination

Democracy represents the interests of the people, and it should never be the other way around.

10. The love of money is not only one of the most powerful driving forces of human life, but in many cases it is desired by itself; the desire to possess it is often as strong as the desire to use it, and it continues to increase as all the desires that point to ends beyond money die, but are achieved with it

There are many people who pursue money and that is their great source of motivation.

11. It is better to be a dissatisfied man than a satisfied pig

The satisfied human being struggles to get out of his comfort zone. It is a human being instead.

12. All the good things that exist are the fruit of originality

Originality is key to adapt to change.

13. All action is carried out with a view to an end, and it seems natural to suppose that the rules of an action must take all their character and color from the end to which they are subordinated. When we pursue a purpose, it seems that a clear and precise knowledge of the purpose, it seems that a clear and precise knowledge of the purpose would be necessary first, instead of the last thing to be expected.

A reflection that deals with motivation and how it assumes that people are constantly on the move.

14. Originality brings good things

A few words that try about freedom and originality .

15. Everyone is the natural guardian of their own health, be it physical, mental or spiritual. Humanity gains more by allowing everyone to live their own way than by forcing themselves to live in the way of others

A phrase about freedom. Everyone must live their own way.

16Of these false theories, the most notable is the doctrine of the protection of national industry; phrase that means the prohibition or restriction by means of strong customs duties, of those foreign goods that can be produced in the country

A quote that deals with the phenomenon of international trade.

17. On himself, on his body and on his mind, the individual is sovereign

We are all owners of ourselves. In this sense, we are free.

18. The deep conviction of a man removes him from attacks of ridicule

We can set high standards because of the shame we can feel in certain situations.

19. It was men of another stamp who made England what it was; and men of another stamp will be necessary to prevent their decline

People are the essence of our nation, those who build it and those who destroy it.

20. The main elements that make up a satisfied life are two: tranquility and encouragement

Living in peace with oneself is key to being happy, but so is being motivated.

21. It does not matter if it is not more beautiful or if it is not convenient, the change is made by the change itself

Human beings are constantly changing , transforming us.

22. Entrusting public instruction to the State constitutes a perverse machination aimed at molding the human mind, in such a way that there is not the slightest difference from one individual to another; the mold for this purpose used is the most pleasing to the prevailing political regime, be it a monarchy, a theocracy, an aristocracy, or the public opinion of the moment; in the measure that such a task is carried out with success and efficiency, a despotism is installed on the intelligence of men who later, by natural evolution, submits to its empire the very body of the people

The state alienates people. What may seem democracy, often is not.

23. Issues such as the distribution of wealth. It is this question, mere human creation

A phrase that deals with political issues, such as the distribution of wealth.

24. Laws would never be improved if there were not many people whose moral sentiments are better than existing laws

Good people are what drive social change, because otherwise we would be condemned to the ideas of the state.

25. The student who is never asked to do what he can not, never does what he can

Many times, it is difficult for people to do some things on their own initiative.

26. There is no way to find out what an individual is capable of doing but letting him prove, and the individual can not be replaced by another individual in terms of resolving one's own life, one's destiny and one's happiness.

People we learn many times by trial and error .

27. The only guarantee against political slavery is the restraint that can be maintained on the rulers by the dissemination among the governed of intelligence, activity and public spirit

A reflection that aims to provide solutions to political slavery.

28. Genius can only breathe freely in an atmosphere of freedom

When we coerce people, we also put limits on the ability of individuals to be original.

29. There is no better proof of the progress of civilization than the progress of cooperative power

Cooperation is one of the keys to the progress of civilization.

30. Charity almost always sins by excess or default: it squanders its treasures in one place and lets people starve in others

Charity is not the solution to the problem, only a patch.

TOP 20 John Stuart Mill Quotes (June 2024).

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